1.Hello! Thank you for accepting our interview. Please introduce yourselves.

C:Hi this is Chaos, on vocals.
H: I’m Harui on guitar. I’m Aquarius and I have the blood type A. I eat everything I got on my plate.
I: Nice to meet you. I’m Inori on bass.

2.I find interesting the story of each band I interview. What did it feel like at the beginning when all you could count on to be accepted under a music label was your talent?

C: I was still so insecure when I started Glamscure,but I am so happy it turned out so well. There is still so much to improve and still so much to learn though. I really like that there is so much mutual respect between the members of our band.This way we can express ourselves freely. I don’t think any music label would accept us since we are not exactly following the trend or having intense live schedules like your usual big visual kei act. We do our things the way we like and at our own pace.
H: I felt like I had a lot of things I wanted to express through music and I wanted to share it with the people.That is why I decided to start a new band. I don’t feel like joining labels ,but who knows.Maybe is a good place out there.
I: I always loved music, but joining bands is something that came up much later. I did not have plans at the beginning. Then I met with Harui and with Chaos. It took us a long time to start the band, but it’s good to be able to play music with good people. I think this band is going to last long.

3.Over the years, you were active in many bands. Could you tell us what have you learned from your former band mates during all those years? Do you still keep in touch with them?

C: I am actually pretty new to bands and I ‘ve never done anything in particular before coming to Japan, so there is still so much I am learning at the moment. I am so grateful to have been able to work with veterans in the music scene from the beginning as there is always so much to learn. I like planning band activities and do the whole work by ourselves without relying on others, so it was really fun to learn to run a band by myself.
We all put our souls into it and it is not always easy to come to compromises and work well with others. We,all have our view of things and fights are inevitable sometimes. However, I am still in touch with a few of my former bandmates and we like to go out drinking and talk about our current activities.
H: I had both good and bad experiences. I am still in touch with my former band members.
I: Bands are made of each members’ personal point of view and way to express. There is so much I learnt both about music and playing instruments throughout the years. None of the bands I was part of  disbanded,so we still contact each others and are still friends.

4. You are very hardworking. In April you released both the album „shadowscapes” and the music video ” Kakusei to Psyche”.How did you manage to get all done in time? I’m sure also our readers would like to know how much time takes to film a music video. How late do you guys stay up for the shooting?
C: We do not like to rush.We would book a couple of days in the recording studio every month ,so we could have time in between to listen and think about it. It took us almost half a year to complete the recording actually,but we did not spend so many days in the studio. About half of the songs have been ready since we founded Glamscure two years ago .I am glad we waited until now to release them. I felt like I wasn’t ready at that time yet. However, I confess we have been in a rush with the distribution and promotion, as well planning events.
I believe more time is needed to shot a decent music video, but due to the budget restrictions we ended up doing everything in a few hours. There was still so much we wanted to put in!
H: The songwriting, arranging and recording have been hard, but so fun at the same time. It took us about six to seven hours to shoot the music video. We finished in the evening, but we have been up since four in the morning (laughs).
I: Looking back I realize that the first half of 2017 has been pretty busy and intense. Personally, this is very first music video I took part in. It was both challenging and fun. We woke up really early to prepare for everything and save time for the shooting. We could not see the film director in person for the editing so it was really hard to talk about all the little details by e-mail and phone calls while looking at video.

5.Where was the MV filmed? I love the background scenary which reminds me of the Versailles castle.
H: It was filmed in a city called Itabashi in Japan and in France.
I: We were tied and blindfolded and when we opened our eyes again we were in France.
C: It is hard to find locations that have not been overused by different bands, but I’m happy with the results after all.


6. Glamscure collaborated with La’veil MizeriA for the single „Kindan no kajitsu” released on April 23. Since how long time ago do you know the members of La’veil MizeriA? Do you go to their live shows? Or vice versa?
C: I have been good friends with Kikyo and Jaki since I started playing in bands a few years ago. The first time I played a gig Jaki was on guitar, and we have been supporting each others for such a long time. Since last year we have played gigs together a lot and it felt just natural to do a twoman show. We fully covered each other songs for the CD and did not just do vocal swap, so people owning it should feel really lucky! We like each other’s songs and I am definitely going to their oneman live next month.
H: Chaos has been friend with the members for a long time, and I had a chance to meet them a few times since we started playing at the same events. I am planning to go their oneman live too.
I: I think I met the members of La’veil MizeriA for the first time in 2015. They were friends with Chaos and they came to see one of our events once. I am a shy person, so it took me about a year to get confident and talk with them more (laughs). I sometimes play bass in Kikyo’s unit “Rasen” and we are really good friends now.

7.The tracklist of the album „shadowscapes” looks like a play with 10 acts.
What song represents the core of this album and which song is the climax point?
C: That’s a hard question. All songs are so different that I am sure everybody will feel differently depending on their roots and taste.
H: The climax is “Haru ga owaru koro” while the core is “Kakusei to Psyche”.
I: I think each track has its own world and traits, but my choice is the same as Harui’s. Of course, “Kakusei to Psyche” is the most important as we have a music video for it. Please watch it if you still haven’t!!

8. Chaos, in a previous interview you stated that „Kakusei to psyche ” is portraying the enigmatic story of a noble’s wife that lives isolated in her mansion. What happens in the end with the woman?
C: The video starts and ends with the main character in her bed and it would let you think that it all was a dream. Days repeat one by one the same way and it is not clear whether things actually happened or were just a figment of her imagination. She wants to get out and change her life, but in the end all she can do is going to sleep.
I tend to be paranoid and fear others, and sometimes it is hard to tell if people actually hurt you or it is all in your head.

9. Harui, one of the bands that inspired you is Malice Mizer. Which member of Malice Mizer do you identify yourself with? What period of Malice Mizer’s activity would you choose? Tetsu era, Gackt era or Klaha era?

H: I think Közi’s influence has been the strongest. I really like the melodies he writes and his visual aesthetics and I feel that we have a lot of things in common. I like all the eras equally, but I think I am more attached to Gackt’s as that was when I first learned about them. It was during junior high school and it had such a big impact on me. I have been member of their fanclub and I even joined Közi’s personal fanclub too.

10.What could you tell us about the maxi single „downfall and nemesis”?
C: After our first single in 2015 we spent some time adjusting and playing live gigs, so it took us some time to think about a new release. We chose to include a brand new song and two of the songs we often played live at that time. I am kind of happy with the results ,but I remember I regreted not spending enough time in the studio for the recording.
H: We wanted the three songs from  the single to have their own peculiar sound and feeling. “…in the closet” was composed in a hurry. I think I started writing it in February even though the release was in April (laughs).
I: In our first maxi single “subliminal” we had a guest dummer, but this time we programmed drums. Two of the songs have been regular at our gigs previously so we were looking forward to completing and recording them. All three songs are different and are a good introduction to our band I believe. “…in the closet” is a little different compared to the album version so it is still worth a listen!


11. Glamscure was invited to perform at the event „FROM THE DARKSIDE ” organized by Crucifixion. How did you feel there ?
C: We have been talking about having gigs outside of Tokyo and I believe there couldn’t be a better event. I like all the bands who performed both as musicians and as friends, and I never felt so at ease backstage. We hope to be able to do something like this in Tokyo and other cities as well. Visual kei needs more bands like us and all we can do is to join forces.
H: Osaka=Crucifixion=罪(zai)=KUIDAORE
C: I believe Harui ate around 100 takoyakis in a single day (laughs).
I: I am thankful to all those people who decided to come to Mount Golgotha instead of Megiddo or Acro. We finally had a chance to play somewhere else and it was a good experience. I always wanted to play with Crucifixion and the event lineup was just perfect. I am looking forward to going again and visit other cities too next time. Of course, we’ll keep playing in Tokyo too! Food was also great, takoyaki will save the world! (laughs)

12. Inori, how old were you when you played the bass for the first time? What made you choose the bass and not another instrument?
I: A few thousands years ago? There was not a real reason to choose bass. Maybe I just liked its sound and the instrument itself.

13. Aside from music, what another job do you think would suit to you?
C: Kindergarten teacher.
H: Owner of a small company.
I: A food reviewer on TV?

14. You announced you will play a new song during the oneman show from June,16. What is the name of that song?
H: We do not have titles yet (laughs). One is a simple, but aggressive song which is perfect for headbanging at gigs. I think it is easy to remember too. The other song has really catchy vocal lines and really fits our style.
C: We also played our newest song “Kuchiru mama ni” for the first time. We had a trailer up on YouTube,however only the fans who came to the oneman show received the CD. It’s a melancholic and dark song that somehow shows the direction we will be heading to in future. The lyrics are about depression and addiction to games and TV. I kind of regret making it live-only and I want more people to listen to it.
I: I’ll keep the secret…† Both songs are refreshing and I love them. One of them is being pretty popular live and we will keep playing it for a while. Let’s have fun together!

15. What are your expectations concerning the fans and the music you compose?
C: To express the mood of our songs visually is one of the most charming points of visual kei and we wish to  have more chances to do that in the future. I tend to listen to my taste and do things I genuinely like only, so I don’t mind about how the current visual kei fans think or want to listen to our music. I am just trying to put up a band that I would like as a fan.
H: I like writing melodies that get stuck in your head. I believe melody is what comes first in a song, but when I’m creating the arrangement I also tend to imagine how fans can enjoy the songs in a live environment. I just wish fans can enjoy  our songs both at home and at concerts.
I: I am not writing songs, but I really enjoy both Harui ans Chaos’ creations .I really enjoy them, so I hope you will be able to listen and appreciate it the same way I do.Each one of you will have different interpretations, but that’s one of the good things about it isn’t it?

16. This is the end of the interview. Please say a few words for our readers .
C: I enjoyed this in-depth interview and I wish to get in touch with all fans! Please come and see us if you got some time.
H: I tried to throw away all the things I didn’t need and ended up empty-handed.
I: I am sure a few of you still don’t know much about Glamscure. I would like as many people as possible to get to know us and who knows, someday come and see us. For those who can not come, please keep listening to us!


*Our thank you goes  to Chaos and his bandmates for the cooperation and for making this interview possible *


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