1.It’s nice to meet you guys. Speak a little about yourselves.

We are KNO, a band from Thailand that started its carrier by covering the songs of the Japanese rock band LUNA SEA. We started off just playing in small venues for cover bands in Bangkok since 2011. Nowadays, we create our own music and we got our own style with Japanese influences.

2.I noticed you guys look up to Luna Sea a lot. What do you like about their style
and music ?

It’s not only because we all are a big fans of LUNA SEA, but also because we feel that they created a very unique sound that is approachable to a boarder audience compared to other bands in the visual kei scene at that time when we were exposed to Japanese music.Their music is just beautiful and that makes us all want to pick up our instruments and play along.

3.Your band was founded in 2011. Where did you guys meet for the first time? Is there any particular memory you consider precious concerning your first encounter?

We didn’t know each other at all.We belong to different backgrounds and the age
gap between us is pretty big.But, we got to know each other online and we decided to start a band,a Japanese cover band. We chose LUNA SEA and we came up with a song to play and we met at a rehearsal studio a few days after that.In the first few minutes we met,we didn’t speak really much one to another. When we began to play the music,the things just kept rolling and soon enough we became a band.

4.Which is the latest CD you have released? Tell us more about it.

Our first mini Album was “Label Me As Fragile”.We released it before the show we held in Japan for the first time last year. The songs that we composed are a combination of Thai and English lyrics. These are more experimental songs for us because we did not really know what to expect. We just wanted to create our own music and then it became a hit.We got a chance to play in Japan.
For this upcoming September we will be releasing a new album,so stay tuned.

5.In 2015 you performed with the famous Koshinaka Makoto,ex member of the Jrock band Λucifer. How did it feel to perform on the same stage with him?

Makoto-san is a great singer, so he came to Thailand for a meet-and-greet section for his fans.So,we’ve been able to play an acoustic session with him. We felt a little stressed because we played a couple of his songs for him.Other than that it was
pretty much a casual show.

6.When we speak about Λucifer, it’s impossible to not remember about the manga  and anime series „Kaikan Phrase ” of Mayu Shinzu. Which are your favorite
characters from „Kaikan Phrase” ?

To be honest, we did not really know anything about Kaikan Phrase, we just knew Λucifer since long time ago when their music was played on TV in Thailand.

06.jpg7.Describe your music style in 3 words and explain why did you choose those words to express the story behind it.

Rock n Roll – it’s pretty much the core of the band. We all love rock music and that’s how we connect each other when we want to create something.
Backstories – all of our songs have its own backstories, not only from us but from people around that we knew or used to know. Pain, Love, Hate, Rejection,Separation – everything mostly based on something.
3/4 -it’s a time signature for waltz. Most of our slow songs are written like this.I think we just fell in love with the drag things down in our slower songs.

8.What songs of Luna Sea did you cover mostly and why?

Rosier, Tonight, I for You. These three songs would be in most of our setlist if we chose to play LUNA SEA’s songs.These are the songs that people mostly have heard about.So,we are most likely to play it in shows, where people come to watch a LUNA SEA act on stage.

9.What expectations do you have from J-rockaholic PARTY ,the music event you’ll take part to in September?
We will be performing with a visual kei band, Defspiral from Japan. We all are excited for this event. We just want to have fun and play the best we can to create the best show possible.

10.What goals has KNO3 for the rest of year 2017? Are you guys planning something to surprise the audience ?

We have been putting a lot of time in the new songs, new sounds for this year’s album release, so by the end of the year we might have some shows around town. We’ll see.


11.On what big stage would you like to perform in the future?

New country ,new city, just anywhere really. We just want to go everywhere and anywhere possible. We all have dreams to play in arenas like BUDOKAN or SAITAMA ARENA, but we just want to keep walking forward and playing for people that want to see us perform.

12.Your band name ,KNO makes me think about the chemical formula of the potasium nittrate. What’s actually the meaning of KNO?

K is for Potassium, N is for Nitrogen, O is for Oxygen. These three are the most common elements in the periodic table, but together they create an explosive combination.
When we were discussing about band names at that time I was in high school and I flipped a chemistry exam sheet on this so… KNO3 it is. Everyone is fine with it,so it just sticked with us until today.

13.If you were asked to would you perform to an anime convention?
Sure, we love to play anime songs too. Like we said in question 11.Everywhere. Haha.

14. Could you count the reasons for you chose to become musicians ?

When you take music out of our lives, we are all pretty much nothing at all. It’s something that help us stay strong until today . We might not be a big and famous band but what shaped us into the persons we are today is really this thing called music.It’s not about counting the reasons for us being a musician, but there’s just no reason not to be.

15.Lastly, what’s your message for our readers?

If you are still reading up to this part, we all just want to say thank you. We all realized that dreams can come true. Every time we are up on stage, even if it’s only for 45 minutes, it already makes our lives worth living all of a sudden. There’s no such thing as a waste of time if you do what you enjoy. We are just a group of boys from Thailand who love to play music.


* We thank you to the KNO3 for taking their time to answer our questions and cooperation*

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