17798989_799482323551210_8896136566116000858_n.jpg1. Hey guys!Tell us a few words about yourselves.

Hello, we are Blazious, we are a power metal band from Thailand.
Our band was founded in 2016 and  consists in 4 members:
PEAST Wongwiseskul – Guitar/Vocal
BOOKPokaew- Guitar
PINKSaelim- Bass
KWANPraison- Drums

2. So, Blazious was founded in 2016. What made you guys found a band? Was it this a dream you hoped to achieve since a long time ago?

In 2016, I went to Chiang Mai for business and there I met KWAN (Drums) . We decided  to found a band because both of us are fond of the power metal style . Later on ,  KWAN invited PINK and BOOK  to join the band . In early 2017 , we finally came up with a name for our group . We decided  „Blazious”  suited to us .Our dream  is to perform our songs in foreign countries…for example: Taiwan, Lao, China and especially in “JAPAN”!!!

3.The single „Fighting for your dream „, itself it is a wonderful work.  The heavy yet friendly tune and the chorus where all yours voices meet makes it a song filled with hope for the future.  How did you actually feel when you composed the song? Was it positivity what you wanted to transmit?

Every song we wrote was inspired from our daily life .“Fighting for your dream” too . Hahahahahahaha.

We have been  cheering on  our friends  showing our support for their dream. Then , I got an idea and that is how I came to write the  lyrics of this song. So,  through  “Fighting for your dream” , we are cheering on  all those who  don’t give up on something they truly believe in .

4. This is the beginning for all of you. Are you prepared to face the obstacles that might arise while chasing your dream?

Obstacles are all around us .Something can happen anytime anywhere …we  don’t know what it is in the store for us regarding our future.We only know if we still stick  together, we’ll make it through no matter how hard is it .

5. In the MV you recently released,you guys seemed pretty energetic. Is it like that all the time? Speaking of it, how do you mantain your energy on the stage?

Yes, we just take a rest and that ‘s  enough. That’s why we are pretty energetic all the time hahahahahaa


6. Is it there a special place where you’d like to film your next music video?

We planned to film our next music video in a  new studio, in a abandoned building or factory. There could be one more location,  though. In a forest . But we won’t film it in the forest, because in the most forests in Thailand you find mosquitoes LoL

7. What are the Thai people mostly proud about when comes about their country?

Ummmm , hard to explain. Anyway, they will be proud if they knew an  artist or a band from  Thailand would get to perform abroad  , making themselves known  worldwide  , I guess .

8. Versailles,Jupiter and X Japan are some bands that influenced you. What members of these Visual Kei groups do you look up to mostly? 

It’s hard to say. But,  honestly, we look up mostly to X-Japan ….We  really love this band (We are X )

9. As I mentioned before, I like how the voices from the chorus sound.  Do you sing with someone in the chorus or  you sing alone , Peast?

Just  me…I recorded the main vocal and chorus by myself .

10. Another question for you, Peast. You met Kwan in Chiang Mai. In what region of Thailand is Chiang Mai ? Is it a small or big city?

In  the north, sir.
That is a big city. The weather is good all the time  and has a lot of amazing things especially food. I really love that place.


11. I’d like to know the opinion of the rest of the band about Peast. How is Peast as band mate? By the way, who’s the leader of the band?

We’re on the same wavelength . So we don’t need a  leader. It’s not necessary for us .PEAST is the main songwriter  , but he doesn’t want  be a  leader. When comes about management matters we , all act as a team. We  take a decison together whether it is contacting the organizers, make an appointment with the members  for  rehearsals and more .

12. Have you thought about releasing a new CD? Perhaps, an album?

Yes, we thought  we should have our own album and we planned to release it  next year .

13. What’s the meaning of Blazious ?

Blazious comes  from“Blaze”,  that means “Fire”!!!!

14. Which was your best life experience?

We didn’t experience anything yet because we officially founded Blazious 4 months ago . Hahahahahaha
But , once PEAST and PINK went to   Tokyo with their bands. It was in 2016.
PINK went to Japan with her band “Counterclockwise” and PEAST  with his former band “VictoriuM”.

15. Please say a few words to our readers . „

Thank you “Ajia no Tengoku” for giving us the opportunity to us to join the project “Bands Weekly Greetings” and hope you guys like our interview.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel “Blazious Power Metal” and like  our Facebook page “Blazious Thailand”. Please enjoy our first music video , “Fighting for your dream” !

See you next time, Rock on  !

*We thank you to Peast and his band, Blazious for the cooperation *



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