1.Hello and thank you for accepting our interview. Please introduce yourselves to our readers.

We are the duo 慟哭~Doukoku~ . Ryusuke(隆介) on vocal and Fumiya(文哉) on guitar.
We started our musical activity in 2007. Since then have passed already 10 years .
If you want to find out more about our music, it would be better to check out our YouTube channel . *laughs*

I’m Fumiya ,the guitarist.
Both I and Ryusuke are in charge with the composition and musical arrangements of 慟哭~Doukoku~.

2. So, when did you guys start to show interest to music? Which was the very first song you have composed and at what age?

When I was in elementary school, I saw X JAPAN on TV.That was the begining.
The song I composed for the first time for 慟哭~Doukoku~ was “Switch”.
I composed it when I was 19.

I also started to develop an interest for music when I was in the elementary school.
It surprised me the variety of sounds and music effects I found in the games, and I thought I also wanted to compose.
We don’t perform much the songs I wrote the very first time when I was 18 years old . However, there’s an instrumental song we often play ,composed by both of us at that time.

3.Ryusuke , before Doukoku ,you have been part of a Visual Kei band . The disolution of the band followed and you joined your brother and together you two founded Doukoku. How feels being both family and bandmates at once ?

After the dissolution of the band,it followed 2 and half empty years until 慟哭~Doukoku~ was founded.
During that period I kept composing pieces.It was so hard to find members for a new band.
At that time,when Fumiya was in school he played the guitar and was part of a band.
I told myself I had to try something out . So, I gave him the  demo of a song.We played it together.It was perfect. That’s how we started our band.
To make music with my own brother felt somehow strange , but now that feeling it’s gone.

4.Fumiya , what guitarists inspire you ? What guitarists do you consider are a major influence for you ?

I got influenced by SHUNSUKE of JILS, John5, Maneki(招鬼) of Onmyouza(陰陽座) and Karukan(狩姦) etc. , although Susumu Hirasawa(平沢進) of P-MODEL influenced me the most.
He influenced me not only as a guitarist ,but also as a composer.

5. Your music style it is a diverse one and this can be noticed in all your songs. What albums would you recommend to those who listen Doukoku’s music for the first time ?

I recommend the album named “doukoku sekai(慟哭世界) ”.
It’s an work that consists in songs recorded recently and songs recorded in the past. I think it tells the history of 慟哭~Doukoku~.

I recommend “doukoku sekai(慟哭世界) ”, because it’s an original album, but also because it’s one of our best albums.

6. „Mizugiwa no Koi ” PV it is your most recent release for this year. More exactly it was out on 23rd February.What is the story behind this song ?

Firstly, I composed the acoustic version.
Then, I entrusted Fumiya with the musical arrangament.We had a photo shooting only for this song. I wanted to show a different side of 慟哭~Doukoku~.

This one features acoustic guitar sounds. You won’t find electric guitar sounds, though.
慟哭~Doukoku~ didn’t have before any song alike this.

7.Ryusuke , are you still doing the solo Jpop project „Broccoli”?What about Izanagi? Is it also a band project? Is Fumiya taking part to it too ?

Broccoli is the title of the song, but not the project.*laughs* I want to continue the solo project ,of course.
Lately, I didn’t have enough time and nor money.So, I couldn’t really focus on it.
As about IZANAGI, all the members have their own bands, so we can’t organize musical activities really often .But, we are still active .In June we’ll have a show and we’re gonna record something as well.
In that day ,Fumiya will join us as a supporting member.

I’m completely out of Ryusuke’s solo project and IZANAGI.But, if I’m asked to support, I’ll do it.
So, I’ll support them during the show scheduled for June.

8. In a interview you affirmed your goals are to provide a soundtrack for an anime , to perform at huge events and to appear on a magazine cover. Which of those listed above did you manage to achieve ?

We didn’t manage to achieve it all yet.
We are content to say there is some progress.We appeared in a magazine and Fumiya was in charge with the BGM of a CD drama.There’s still way to go until our dreams will become reality.(laugh)

As about myself, aside from my work with 慟哭~Doukoku~ , I began to provide people with various musical compositions.
I want to improve myself as artist more and more.As 慟哭~Doukoku~ member too.

9. Have you ever been recognized on the street by fans ? What’s your reaction?

Ryusuke & Fumiya:
That rarely happens.*laughs*
Sometimes, we are recognized at live houses or at events. We act and speak normal.

10. When you ‘ve been asked what song represents Doukoku the best , your answer was ” Switch.”. Why is it that ? What makes this song different by the other ones?

Because this song is the very first song of 慟哭~Doukoku~.Without “Switch”, 慟哭~Doukoku~ might have never been born.I mean , this songs is a precious song for 慟哭~Doukoku~.
And is the only one song of 慟哭~doukoku~ with a title in English.*laughs*

And comparing to other songs, this one is very simple!But, its simple structure shows our emotions.

11. Do you believe in things like dreams and destiny ? Or do you agree with the quote ” What’s meant to happen ,will happen „?


I think there are no coincidences in the world, and what’s inevitable.
To my mind our destiny it’s decided since we born, and it’s difficult to move against the flow.
To take action it’s the only way to make your dreams come true.
Nothing else.

I believe in dreams and destiny.
Things are decided by destiny , but in the end, we are the ones who make the choices.

12.What artists do you identify yourselves mostly with ?

To have someone to idenfify with it ‘s fun , but I like to be more myself.So ,being myself is more comfortable.*laughs*

Kawahata Johnny(川羽田敍新) /Johnny.k, a song-writer .
That’s because he’s a member of “Dissectera”, the music production team which I belong to, and he’s been my friend for a long time.

13. Have you ever thought what professions other than being musicians would suit to you ?

I had various jobs , but I think everything that implies communications would suit me.

Working in a cafe would suit me the best. *laughs*


14.How busy is your music schedule at the moment ? Any new plans ?


We’ll have a 慟哭~Doukoku~ show on 10th of May. Then is also my birthday.
I’m looking forward to it, because it’s been 3 years since we held the last concert in Japan.
We’ve got some new plans , but I can’t reveal it yet .

I’m not producing music just for 慟哭~Doukoku~ ,but for “Dissectera” ,my music production team too. I compose and make musical arrangements. I provide people with songs.
I’m busy,but I’m happy because I do what I like.

15. What would you like to transmit to our readers?

I want you guys to understand the message of 慟哭~Doukoku~’s music and what we ‘re trying to express through it.
Please give us your feed-back concerning our music.Watch with your own eyes and listen with your own ears.


Set free your emotions when you are listening to our music. Don’t get deluded by the people around you. Cherish every little thing induced by our music and let yourselves overwhelmed by the intensity of the emotions.
慟哭~Doukoku~ is a “shout of mind”.I hope you guys will be able to experience various emotions while discovering the numerous musical shades of 慟哭~Doukoku~.

*Our thanks goes to Ryusuke and Fumiya for making possible this interview *

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