1.Thank you for giving us the chance to interview you guys. Please introduce yourselves to our readers.
We are ‘LAST MAN LAUGH’ , an electro rock band ,native from Bangkok , Thailand. You can also call us as ‘lml’ on short. Our band consists in 6 members:
Madx – Vocal
Pete – Bass
Tle – Synth
Nick – Guitar
Artz – Guitar
Top – Drums

2.Last Man Laugh mixes a couple of music genres ,among these alternative rock ,electronica and visual kei .Which are the principal elements of your musical concept?

We love various styles of rock music . Each member has a quite different taste in music . So, that’s why we share it and talk it out. We do mix it all. Our style incorporates heavy metal ,rock and electronica sounds ,and our goal is to create a beautiful music.

3.Your latest release was the single ” Last Man Laugh ” .What is it you wanted to express through the lyrics of this song ?
The title of the song is also our band’s name. Through this song we want to show our encouragement for those who are trying to do what they believe in. Don’t let those who hate you , bad words or any bad things to stop you from trying. Don’t give up the fight guys!

4.Your band name it’s pretty interesting. What actually stands for this name ?

I’d say the meaning behind it ,is pretty insane actually,lol. We were searching for the right band name , a name to define ‘the man who gets the last laugh’ phrase on short. One of us said : “ A good band name should have 3 words”. So, Pete brought in ‘Last Man Laugh’ or ‘lml’ . Everyone was like … “Ah … O.K. since itself has a devilish nature ”. And that’s it. lol

5.What is it like back stage ? How does it feel seeing so many people waiting for your performance ?
We feel as excited we’ve been the first time on stage, lol . We performed to small gigs or events that were held in night clubs or a small halls.I remember around 100 -200 people joined us. It’s cool when people scream and jump during the concerts. It always feels great when you see the audience enjoying your songs despite the small hall. We’ve got the chance to be on a big stage , in Nakorn Ratchasima. It was a big place , but the tickets didn’t sell and the audience was nowhere to be seen. That was sad,lol.

6.How old were you when you performed for the first time on stage ?
We’ve been part of different bands when we made our mind to make music. Each of us had the first musical experience during the high school years. We were around 15 – 18 years old.

7.What do you find hard to stand to when comes about tours ?
We didn’t have any tour yet. But if it were to happen , what we might be concerned about is the time. That’s because all of us have permanent jobs.


8. Is there something you regret not having done until now? If so, what is it about ?
I wouldn’t call it regret , but it would be have been great if we could have started this band earlier. Perhaps we would have had more time to play and compose music together . But when we first started this band, 3 of our members turned 30,lol. It’s a bit difficult to live your life like an adult and carry on with your dream at the same time. Being a musician inThailand doesn’t bring you so much money . We have to work in order to keep up with our dream.

9.Where do you get from the inspiration for your songs ?
Everything around us and the things we experienced in the past. We want to use our own  stories to write our songs .

10.Is there something in particular you guys would like to achieve ?
ABROAD TOURS!!! especially in JAPAN!!!

11.There are artists who leave their own country to make a name for themselves abroad . What do you think about it ? Would you do the same thing ?
Touring outside our country it will be the next level of our music career success. We’ll do it for sure if the opportunity comes. Why not?

12.Did you take part to any music project ? Any collaborators at the moment ?
Working on our album takes all of our free time. Nothing more at the moment. lol

12.What are you proud of ?
We’re proud we managed to face some though and uncomfortable situations. We ‘re proud enough that we ‘ve been sticking together and we kept doing what we believe in without thinking about giving up.


14.Could you speak to us about the Thai culture? What places would you recommend us to visit in Thailand ?
‘Wai’ is a polite greeting formula. It’s the most beautiful greeting in the world. We greet each other using Wai’ and saying “Sawasdee Krub” and “Sawasdee Ka”smiling.
There are many places to visit in my country. GOOGLE IT!. lol Just kidding.
I love the floating market. Thailand’s markets are exciting, lively and a significant part of our local culture. Damnuan Saduak and Amphawa are the best.

15. We reached the end of the interview. Any message for the readers ?

Thanks to Ajia no Tengoku for this lively interview. We plan to release our first album this year. Stay tuned up with our news and updates on our facebook page.Hope  you guys enjoy our music !


*Our thanks goes to Noah Records and the LAST MAN LAUGH *

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