yuyu1.Hi there !It’s nice to meet you . Please tell us a few words about yourselves.

Nice to meet you too everyone! We are Scarlette and I’m Nutzu , the vocalist of this band.
It’s our pleasure to take this oportunity , to take part to this great interview.

2.So ,your band was founded in 2012.How did you come across the Jrock music genre?

We really like watching anime. We truly took interest into this culture since we were young.
So, we listened to the opening theme songs of the animes . We tried to find out the name of the artist.
We eventually found the artist . Then , while we were searching ,we found out more artists . We ended up listening to all the artists.

3.You guys made rearrangements and anime covers. Speaking about anime ,what anime series do you like and which are your favorite characters ?

We like many anime series, but my favorite one is Non Non Biyori . Since the action takes place in the country side ,it makes me feel somehow relaxed.
Whenever I’m stressed I like to watch to this anime serie.
The name of the character that I like is Makishima Shogo from Psycho Pass . He is a villain. lol
Buch (guitarist) likes funny animes and Aun(drummer) likes anime series alike Gundam .
Var (bassist) likes the animes that imply strategy.

4. What Western artists inspire you ?

We are inspired by many western bands . Each band inspires us in a different way.
As for me , I can say I love the music   DreamTheater,Avantasia,Nightwish and many other power metal bands.
Buch (guitarist) is fond of  Avenged Sevenfold , while Aun (drummer) likes Slipknot and Var (bassist)  feels inspired by the band Muse.

5.We don’t know much about the Thai music industry and Thai bands. What could you tell us about it ?

At the moment ,the music industry from Thailand consists mostly into artists who provide songs for Thai TV series and the same old artists. There is hardly any new artist.
The Thai population likes the pop genre.
The artists that belong to another genre , other than the pop , usually have small groups of fans.The Thai artists we like and inspire us are: The Sun, Silly Fools, Retrospect and so on.


6.The PV „Door ” was realized in collaboration with Bay Riffer. In the PV the reality is mixed with the fiction ,so to speak.What is the character afraid about ? Why she avoids to open the door ?

Actually, she’s not afraid to open the door, but she wants open the door .If she opens the door , her cartoon self will turn into a real person.
There is another part of her that does not want to open it (the one who pulled her arm), but after listening to ME sing, in the middle of the song , she finds the courage to open the door to became a real person. Lol

7.The anime represents by chance a particular inspiration for your songs ? I noticed the anime put its fingertips on all your music videos.

Really , we have always liked anime. One of my dreams was my songs to become the opening theme of an anime series. However, since we couldn’t make  that happen yet ,we decided to make our very own anime .Lol
The majority of the persons think watching anime is only for children. So, we wanted to prove is not the case and that some anime genres don’t fit to the children.
As you can see , the themes of our songs are related to the life of teenagers  . We wanted to create an animated music video that all viewers could enjoy and not only children.

8.We’d like to know more about you guys. How has born the band Scarlette ?

I founded Scarlette with another group of musicians. Tho ,we didn’t start off as anime music band.
During that time , I was more into X Japan . We wrote X Japan and gothic metal inspired songs. Those songs are called „Don’t come back” and „Curse” .
At that time , we were working still with 58 Records and we weren’t using the anime genre as inspiration for our MV .
Some time after this, the band members would help their family with their business or busy themselves with another jobs. This is when I met Jou (bassist) .
Nor he is part of the current line up.
Jou was the one who pulled me deeper into the anime scene and community.
So,I thought „I quite like this style also” .
Then , we met Aun and Buch and we began doing covers to attract fans before the release of some of our own songs .

9.”Goodbye ” and ” Light ” seem to have a common theme , the theme of losing a dear person to you.The songs are somehow sad ,yet they have that something that makes you to keep listening it. Who is in charge with the lyrics ?

We ,all contribute when comes about the lyrics of our songs.
„Goodbye” and „Light” are actually part of the same universe . Both main characters
share the same feelings and that ‘s why they connect to each other ….
This will be easir noticed in our 2nd album, in which all the songs will be linked under the same story.

10. You guys are busy nowadays. What is it called the event you took part on 1st February ? How did go the event „Realive III ” fom 4th February ?

At the event that took place on 1st February we played the opening song of the movie „Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday’s You” . The song belongs to a Japanese band.
Their team knew already that we’ve done cover songs in the past, so they asked us to cover this soundtrack.
The other event, „Realive III” went very well even though there weren’t many people, the bond between the Jrock groups and anime groups got stronger .


11. You’ve been on your own before you signed the contract with Noah Records. Is it hard to be on your own as a band ?

Before we signed with Noah , we worked with 58 Records. At first we produced the music on our own.
It was difficult. We didn’t know what to do next.
Although  the recordings were finished, we didn’t know what we had to do to sell our songs ,where to sell them, how to promote them and how to create a fanbase.
The record company made a lot of plans for us.

12. Any plans for this spring ?

We do plan to make  a 2nd album since we want to connect all the tracks one to another under the same theme in our anime. It will take some time.

13. What is the theme of the PV „Liberate ” ?

„Liberate” was actually not as we expected it to be.
In fact , we wanted it to come out more like a comic book, and as the story progressed to open more pages.
After trying that idea and adding the effects , it turned out very bad. So, we had to remove the effects .That’s why the music video may feel sort of empty.

14. Which is the goal of the band Scarlette ?

We want to be professional and have our own live.
We want the people to accept and like our music.
We love music. One of our goals, which is also the easiest to achieve , is to keep playing what we love.

15.What would you like to transmit to our readers ?
Thank you very much for this interview.I hope that you guys had fun.

*Our thanks goes to Noah Records and Nutzu for making possible the interview *

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