1. It’s nice to meet you guys. Tell us a few words about yourselves.

Nice to meet you everyone! I’m Shin , the vocalist of CroiX. We are a rock band from Tokyo, Japan. We are honored to be able to take part to this great interview since we are still a indie band !

2.When is it exactly that your band was founded and how did start the adventure of CroiX in the musical world ?

Three and half years have passed already since we founded CroiX .We performed for the first time on March 24th in 2013. Keyboardist Runa and guitarist Raika were the first members of CroiX. Then I and the bassist Tetsuya joined them. Guitarist Katsuki and drummer Toshi are our support members, so at the moment our band has got six members .

3. You didn’t make your debut yet, but even so you have released the songs ” Ray ” and „Alea iacta est „. Are those songs related one to another? Or does it involve a particular theme for each song ?

All our songs are written by Runa. He is a very quiet and mysterious person ,so I don’t know much about him lol. I think he is very sensitive and has a distinctive aesthetic sense. The common points of those two albums are the beautiful melody and the feeling of wanting to play the song itself over and over . The name of the second album „Alea iacta eat” means „The die is cast”. This name involves our songs. We hope our songs will reach the European fans.

4 .The PV „Subminal -stage1 -” was released on April 29 2016. What does speak about the music video ?
We discussed a lot with our manager about this PV. Momomi Yoshida , the girl who appears in our videoclip, had to pass over a test before we accepted her.
The shooting of the PV took place in February. During the shooting we really felt cold , although we tried to act tough. We really love the clip.Our manager is really cool.

5. You signed up with GANSHIN Records. How do you feel about it knowing many known artists did collaborate with them ?

Of course,we know L’Arc-en-Ciel, GLAY and T.M. Revolution. We respect them a lot. It is an unbelievable thing that we are able to make our debut with the help of the same label as them. In addition ,we did it before our debut in Japan lol. I hope we’ll collaborate with them in the future.

6.If you were to leave your mark in this world , what would you do to make it possible ?

For that we have to make many efforts. We need to improve ourselves. For example, I take 4-5 hours every day for running, I do streatching and I take care about myself (sauna, facial treatment mask and massage). I’m doing my best to look good ,to improve myself as a human being and improve my musical skills . I treasure the relationship I got with those surrounding me .The connection with the people is really important ,including this interview. Then ,the meaning of our existence follows.

7. It’s already the winter season. Did you do something in particular during Christmas ?
I have listened to Christmas songs on YouTube .
I love Mariah Carey and Jackson5.To be honest I had to work during the Christmas.

8.As a band have you ever experienced any crisis situation ?
We ‘ve been close to disbandment due to an issue between members. But Tetsuya solved our problems. We appreciate his help.Now , nobody and nothing can interfere between us. We’ve learned our lesson.It was for the first time that all the members went out for a drink. It ‘s been a while since the CroiX band went out to drink.

9.What is the best part when it comes about writing songs ?
The songs composed by Runa have a clear theme and story . Our songs have a mysterious side ,so to speak. It is meant to reach deep down in your heart and soul.

10. Is it hard to maintain yourselves in line with the other bands ?
There are so many great bands in this world, but we don’t care . We’ll work harder than other bands.We’ll be the best !

11.Was it there a moment when you felt you took the wrong decision ?
There was not such a moment.Playing music it’s what I care most about now.I think there is no time to waste. It is really important to be honest to ourselves when we are in for trouble.

12. In what events do you think CroiX’s music suits better ? Anime conventions or rock competitions ? Or both ?
Either way will work for us. The majority of the artists perform in any place , since in Japan there are a lot of musical styles . We think that our music follows the „royal road”. We’re refering to the path that our seniors , the oldschool bands followed. We wanna catch the attention of both rock and anime lovers.Everyone loves anime. Especially ,Raika lol.

13. How do you keep your energy during tours ?
We didn’t have a tour yet, but we are ready for that. I am running everyday, and Raika also began to run and to reduce his body weight lol. Sometimes ,we’d get pessimistic when comes about it , but everyone wants to destroy the wall that stays in our way  ,everyone wants to pass over this obstacle.

14.How do you prepare for a concert ?
We wanna play a lot of songs live and bring new products.This way , many people will come to like us. We’re doing our best with the preparations for the tour. We ‘re hoping to see our fans excited and hear them saying „There’s no other band as cool as CroiX „. Now ,CroiX is going to evolving for sure!

15. Thank you for your time. A few words for the final of the interview ?
Never had a so great interview before in my whole life. Thank you very much. We would be happy if many people will get to know us through this interview. Please keep in touch with us. Thanks a lot!

*Our thanks  goes  to Shin and CroiX *

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