15571189_575945609264682_600059565_n1. Hi there guys! We’re happy you chose  Ajia no Tengoku for your first interview.Please introduce yourselves.
Vocalist – HIKARU
Guitarist – JIN
Bassist- TAKE

2.So, Monster World was founded recently. When exactly did happen ? Tell us more about it. 

We’re a band from the Shizuoka prefecture , where the Mount Fuji it is located. Our goal is to conquer the world.

3. It surprised me your band name choice. It is meant to be scary since it’s a „Monster World „. Despite that , all the pink surrounding you and the cuteness inspired by your outfits makes up for it. Why Monster World?
For example , in Japan you find awesome monsters such as the pokemons and the watch monsters (Yokai watch anime serie). There are many cute and fun monsters. We wanted to express the idea of monster world where you find cute yet doubtful monsters.

4. What should  we know about Monster World ?Are the monsters from your world friendly ?
We are talking about the image of a fun party , a party like those Halloween grotesque parties popular in Japan.

5.Is Monster Berry affilieted to Moster World?Are you all models?
Monster Berry it is a brand of accesories for young people. Our guitarist ,Misaki designs it. When we are shooting, all the members receive accesories from Monster Berry .

6. What could you tell us about your  demo song ?When will be out the full version?
On 1st January we’ll provide you with more information about all of this. Until then it is a secret. laughs


7.Misaki ,we know you’ve been active before in  another band. How does it feel being part of Monster World?
I love band activities. Especially ,when it comes about making famous new bands. I really love it. It’s fun.

8. How about you guys?Have you also been active in another bands? If so ,could you briefly tell us something about  the beginning of your carrier ?  ( question for Misaki’s bandmates)
Misaki is active also in the band Ant1nett.
After the announcement we’ll make on 1st January , Monster World will reborn and you’ll be able to see Monster World changed, under a new form.

9. What means a fun concert for you guys?  How is it like to party  in Monster World ‘s style ? 
We imagine a Holloween party where you can disguise as monsters. To my mind it’s fun.

10. On what big scenes do you aim to play?  
We, Monster World would like to perform worldwide. Our goal is to organize a world tour.

11. Is there any thing in particular you can’t live without ? 
The bandmates , the staff members and the fans are the most important persons for us.

12. What do you guys like to do and what do you dislike to do? 
We love all the fans who love us and we hate those who hate us .laughs

13. Is Monster World ‘s music  based on any concept ? 
It’s the idea of cuteness and horror .It is a concept based on the world of cute monsters.

14. How is it going with the recording of the upcoming single ? 
On January 1 ,more details about the release of the new song.

15.Any final words for our readers ?
There’s a lot to come. So , look forward to it !

*Thank you for the  cooperation to the band  Monster World *



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