1. Junichi , we got pretty familiar with the name In a SCAR and I’m sure ,also our readers. So, this time you are going to speak to us about your new album „En Este Momento” ,right?
How do you feel after finishing to record the album?

Hello, of course yes. Right now I feel like I’d have attended the entrace exam for an university , Like a mother who gave birth to a children. And I heard many persons have received their CD.I’m content. And I express my appreciation to you guys.
2. Is ” The winner takes it all ” one of your favorite quotes?Is it by chance related to one of Abba’s songs? Personally , do you consider yourself a winner?

Yes, I like that song . When I listen it ,it reminds me about my former band from Japan and its disolution.
I’ve never considered myself a winner , I always thought I’m part of that category of people destined to fail . But, yeah.
If I’d not be able to write songs, it’d be meaningless to keep playing the guitar.

3. In the collumn you wrote for HMV ,you stated you passed through some unpleasant situations. It has always been like that?

Here it’s like that. I think the Spanish people didn’t pass through what I did . That’s because they might be used to that type of things.
They’re slow when comes about work.
But, not me. Im only saying we’re different.
Anyway, it’s them who don’t wish to be the winners. Just that.

4. What would you tell to all the people out there who have lost everything and they don’t seem to find their way? How do you become a „winner” ?

Keep trying until you’ll get what you want. Then you’ll for sure become a winner.

5.”En este momento ” contains 10 tracks. Some of the title songs are known to us,but some no. You affirmed each song has a special „setsunai”. This „setsunai ” is part of your life cycle ?

It’s a feeling that in the dictionary has the meaning of sadness . Although, in Japanese isn’t like that… I can’t explain it in words .
There are many Japanese people who like this sort of feeling.
Perhaps you wouldn’t want to feel sad .
If you like how it feels, then it’s not saddness.

6.Could you describe briefly the pieces of the new album?

This CD speaks about the 5 years of my live spent here.


7. How’s the competition between bands in Japan? And how is in Spain?

In Japan are a lot of bands and the rivalry it’s always in the air .
We’re friends , but we also are rivals.This way we get better , we make a progress.
In Spain they don’t have any of this. To make music it’s a hobby for them…Since 2006 there appeared groups of JRock, but they don’t show any progress…
There are these bands , fooling around . They shamelessly stole songs from ONE OK ROCK . They don’t improve because they’ve got no rivals.
It’s understandable you can’t get better as long there doesn’t exist competition.
I feel sorry for them…I don’t really think there is gonna change anything. As about the Jrock bands in here , they will never change . Nothing good it’ll come out of it.

8.What is it you hate most when comes about tours?
The bad food…and the fact we speak different languages. Sometimes they recommend me dishes from very known restaurants , but there are times when nor I can eat it.They don’t know me well at all !! Except that , in general I like the tours.

9. P.J it’s what the last track of the album it’s called. What’s the meaning of that abbreviation?

My former band was called PLASMA JET. This song it’s since the period I used to play with them.
Obviously, I adjusted a bit to suit with In a SCAR.
You find the original PLASMA JET version on my Reverbnation. Athough , it’s melodic death metal, and has nothing to do with In a SCAR.

10.Very recently you signed up a contract with Slumber Records.This means you no longer are a indie band?

In Japan , as member of the previous group I worked with them . This music label it’s doing a great job , so without even thinking twice I decided to rely on them.

11.So, slowly you started to make your debut in Japan also. Which famous Japanese magazine interviewed you?

It’s called We Rock. Even though they changed its name , it’s not only famous ,but it’s got that classical feel .
I was 12 years old when I first read it.

12.Takayuki -THE PIASS it’s the one who designed the album jacket . Is he a close friend ?

He’s my senpai, a guitar teacher and a person who taught me a lot about the life . He’s not my friend. You don’t call friend someone you look to.
I’ve been part of his crew for a period of 18 years.
The result reached my expectations. I knew he was good at doing such stuffs ,so that’s why I asked his help.

13.What do your bandmates think about going to Japan? Is easier to affirm yourself in Japan?

I think they like Japan and they want to play there.
I don’t really know. Anyway, they must learn to use the chopsticks.

14. We got at the end . Which are your thoughts for Ajia no Tengoku and the readers?

They already saw the name of my band , In a SCAR many times. Now , I want all to find out how our songs feel , how we do play our songs and if by chance you like my music and my band , I’m really happy.
If they’ll listen the CD , they’ll be able to understand what I wanted to express through this.
Thank you very much to them and to you guys !!

*Thank you to Junichi and his band for the cooperation *

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