1. Please speak a bit about yourselves and say „Hi ” to our readers.

Hello, we are RESET-零彩度 from Taiwan. We have 4 members : vocalist Leai,on bass Nao, on drums Gan-zu and on guitar Toshi. It’s been an honor for us to be invited by アジアの天国 and for receiving the chance to get known by people also.

2.Tell us more about the aesthetic elements ,images and the colors theme that you are describing in your music. Is there a certain color palette for each song ?

The original idea of our creation is meant to blend together our intense feelings from the beginning to the end of melody to create a deep connection with the audience, this being one of the most important aesthetic elements.

As about images and colors, there is no limit. We expect to experience a variety of feelings throughout the beginning to the end of the song.
We prefer dark shades.The dark colors are able to transmit the intensity of our emotions.

If you listen to our music, especially to Daybreak Night,your emotions will keep flowing. So, don’t control your mind, enjoy the moment and you ‘ll feel something that you never felt before.

3.Reset was founded in 2013.How do you see the evolution of your band over the past years ? What did change in all these years ?

We faced many challenges since we started up from 2013 to 2014. We’ve been stuck until 2015.The relationship between our bandmates it wasn’t a solid one .
So, Leai decided to fill himself the vacant position of the vocalist .We sticked together and we fully focused on our live performances and writing songs .

4.In August you have released the demo of „Daybreak Night „.When will be out the full version? Is it going to be an album or a single ?

We will release the full version if the style of Daybreak Night will be in line  with the the new album. We are planning to make a studio album . Please look forward to it!

5. „To drain the emotion from the body and to render a certain state from the music”. Is this in what consists your music concept? How do you see the relationship between the audience and the band/artist?

To fully express the emotions during the live performances, we ‘re concentrating on what we call vision and the hearing . These 2 contain our emotions. They are indispensable not only for rendering the ” tension ” coming from the music, but also in mixing the vision with the color palette inspired by the hearing.We want to create a strong connection with the audience through the world that we built using our music . We want to make them enjoy that moment until the next concert when they ‘ll listen to our songs again.


6.So, everything has a beginning. How started your carrer as musicians ?

Since Leai turned out to be our new vocalist , we agreed to dedicate ourselves to our targets and we ‘ve been able to start our career. We were frustrated at first. And this because in those two years we could not find a proper band member , a person to have the same goals .However, to our mind there was nothing we could not manage to achieve. With a positive mindset we took our first step in 2015.

7.Are you guys involved in any projects at the moment?

We are working on graphic shooting, and our next step is to record a single and to shoot a MV. Hope to see you soon!

8.How is the life of an artist in Taiwan ? How is seen the visual kei there?

Turning vision into reality is what we are working on in our daily life. It’s hard, but we want others to feel our feelings. We’re struggling with music creation and our style to approach the image we got in our mind ,an image we think inspires mystery, something cool.

Moreover, our members are doing their best in everything, they keep trying no matter where they are.

We have a specific audience who loves VK music, we also became friends with other bands through our live performances. I hope we together we’ll be more committed to our goals !

9.Did you perform to any anime convention?

We attended an anime event once, at that time Leai wasn’t our vocalist .We were invited because our former style matched to that event.

10.How is different Reset from lots of another visual kei bands?

There are not many differences if you compare our style with the style of the other bands as appearance , but if it is the music creation and style we are talking about, we’re doing it on our own. Besides, we use Chinese in writing our songs ,thing that is hardly seen in the visual kei music. We have a female member, this is also uncommon in visual kei bands as far as I know.

11.What do you like about touring with another bands?

We have a great time touring with others, it’s a good chance for us to learn from the live experience of another bands.
What we see on the stage and backstage serves us as the most interesting experience!

12.I hope you guys like challenges, because here’s my challenge for all of you. Please describe your band mates in 3 words.

Toshi : quiet/harmless/ kind
NAO : timid/precise/moody
桿子 : determined / gourmand /comedian

Leai:talented, mysterious , homebody
桿子:sociable , busy ,funny
Toshi:reticent , skinny ,he’s into fashion

Leai:the leader type,stubborn,cool
NAO:serious,is like a mom,sexy
TOSHI:mysterious,he behaves like a brother,hard to understand



13.What is Reset aiming for? What’s your goal?

Our goal is to become a band whose members are fully putting their heart and soul into the music and performance. We want to have more people sharing the moment with us , to make them enjoy the view from the stage with our bandmates. We will find out a way to achieve that and we won’t quit playing just because we ‘ll age. We will never never never give up!

14.Please say a few words for everyone out there hearing for the first time about Reset .

We’re perseverant when comes about our goals, and we’ll find a color to belong to RESET. We can see our path clearer now that we got the chance to introduce ourselves to you who are reading this interview . We will keep going on ,so we’ll show you a better presentation of RESET in the future!

* We thank you for the cooperation to the band RESET-零彩度 *

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