1.Thank you for giving us a part of your time guys. Please introduce yourselves to our readers .

Hello everyone!! We are MEA, a visual kei band from Indonesia. Bare on vocal, Byu on Guitar Steve on Bass and Shen on Drums. We are so excited to be interviewed by Ajia no Tengoku. Please hit us on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you keep yourself updated with the latest information about us.

2.Bare and Byu , you two founded the band on June, 2010.Afterwards, Shen and Steve joined you. But, before to establish MEA ,have you been active in another bands ?

Bare : Yes. Before MEA was established, I was active in the band „Devilish”.I joined Devilish in 2008 and Byu was part of the band „rosemary marian” . I and Byu met at a Japanese festival event and we decided to found MEA.
MEA’s debut didn’t run so smoothly. Our drummer left the band and we welcomed our new member, Shen. Not long after that, our bassist made up his mind and decided to leave us behind. For awhile that position in our band was filled by a support bass player.
Once,a friend mine recommended to us Steve as bassist. Eventually, he became part of the band

3.What is MEALIZM? Is it by chance the name of your fanclub?
Bare : MEALIZM is the new name of our fanbase. Its previous name was MEARMY.

4.CURE WORLD FESTIVAL and CURE VISUAL FESTIVAL SIDE STORY are huge festivals in Japan. You also have been featured in the CURE Magazine. To represent your country at such big events it’s a great achievement. How did you feel being there?

Steve : We feel so honored to represent Indonesia as a Visual Kei band. We hope there will be another huge event like this in the future. Maybe even a bigger, so this way we can spread the visual Kei to the world. We ‘re looking forward to that day.

5.You guys seem to have conquered the hearts of the Japanese people.It is not the first time you ‘re performing in Japan ,is it? So far, you performed more in Indonesia and Japan.Are you planning to play also in another countries from Asia ?
Steve : Not yet, but we will perform at Japan Festa 2017 in Bangkok. Hopefully, we can visit Singapore and Europe

6.Your new look is cool! You guys have also released the 2nd maxi single „ETERNITY” on April 30.It really intrigued me the „ETERNITY ” spot you published on your Facebook page. What’s the central idea of this single ?

Shen : Thank you for listening our songs. We appreciate that! The idea was to mix various musical genres in this single. We combined metal, disco beats, rock, pop ballad music . We chose to name it ” ETERNITY ” .We wanted everyone to love our songs.

7.The name of your band ,MEA comes from Naitomea ,right ? Did Nightmare inspire you guys ?

Byu: Naitomea did not influence us.We’ve got our own music and our own look.
Yes, our name comes from Naitomea.
If you take it as ” Nai to MEA” , it has the meaning of „Nai and MEA”,since „to ” in Japanese means „and „. It’s like you ‘re talking about two different persons. Nai and MEA are written with the same characters Magi is written. She is a ranger from Super Sentai /Power Rangers

8.There was a collaboration between MEA and ROCK District. As result ,you guys launched a collection of accesories.Are those bracelets and necklaces still available?

Bare : Of course, it is still available. You can order the accessories on Rock District. Our official accessories have been produced by Rock District.
They ‘ve got good stuffs and many Indonesian visual kei lovers are buying Rock District accessories! Don’t forget to check their new products. They just released new T-shirts and accessories!


9.On September 4 ,you guys participated at Jak Japan Matsuri 2016.Do you perform yearly to this event ?
Byu: Yes, we do. It’s a huge event in Jakarta (Indonesia) and we ‘re proud we had the opportunity to performe at Jak Japan Matsuri.

10.Are you guys working on any new songs?If yes, could you give us a few details ?
Shen : Yes, we are working on some songs with a new tune and theme, a circus like theme .So , please wait for our new songs!

11.What should we expect from MEA in 2017?

Shen : MEA goes to any place! You should expect to a tour or to live concerts in Europe. That’s because we want to spread our music around the world. If we’d get the chance, we’d really like to play overseas. We will do our best for Mealizm, for our fans

12.You’ve been playing to a lot of events. Which do you consider was a stand-out moment ?

Steve : CURE World festival, Studio Coast, Japan, because we performed there with a lot of artists that we got inspired by.

13.Any collaborations soon ?Who would you be pleased to collaborate with again ?

Byu : Now we dont have any collaboration. If there will be one, we’ll make sure to let you guys know.

14.October it ‘s here. Last year ,in Japan have been lots of bands dressing up as anime characters during Halloween. Have you thought what costumes will you wear? By the way, how do you guys celebrate the Halloween in Indonesia ?

Steve : In Indonesia , Halloween isn’t celebrated by many people. Usually ,we dress up as monsters or scary characters. We will release a PV after Halloween, with Halloween-circus theme.

15.Lastly, what would you like to transmit to our readers ?

All : We would like to make our music known all over the world. We really want to perform in your country .So,if you are interested in our music, please invite us to your country for a live performance. Thank you very much for this interview. We are happy we had the opportunity to make this interview happen. See you!

*Our thanks to MEA’s members and their manager for the time accorded to us*

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