1.Nice to meet you ! We’re giving you a big “ Thank you “ for having accepted our interview .How is it going your solo career ?

Thanks so much for this interview! It’s all good . I’ll get more members for my band soon. I will announce it on 23rd October!

2.The story concept behind the name Orochi it is amazing . However , Orochi has become Ryu. Orochi represents the evil , while Ryu is the symbol of the good . Was Ryu born from the evil Orochi or is another force ? Did Ryu come to save the girls that were Orochi’s target ?

Yes, I do!
OROCHI means eight headed dragon in the Japanese mythology .
RYU also has the meaning of dragon.
I returned to the name „OROCHI „. My current artist name is OROCHI.

3.It’s been 5 years ago. In your schedule for your European tour was included also Romania. How did it feel being in Romania ? Did you manage to visit any places ?

I did not have any chance for sightseeing! I couldn’t forget those huge buildings from Bucharest’s central area.I also saw horses .Somehow, it felt really energetic !

4.Will there be any new CD release ? What about a MV ?

It will be coming soon on 23rd octomber!
A new song and a new MV release too.

5.You ‘re playing quite a lot of instruments . What instruments do you enjoy playing mostly ? And which one is your favorite ? In your opinion , what type of instruments  makes  you feel more at ease ? The traditional Japanese ones or the other instruments in general ?

Piano, dragon flute, koto fue.
Dragon flute is not that difficult to play !

6.When you were asked in what period from the Japanese history you ‘d like to live if the time travelling would be possible , your answer was the Sengoku era . What war lords do you identify  yourself with the most ?

Sengoku era or the end of Edo era.
I’d have liked to be a samurai during the revolution period or a rounin.

7.In January 2015 you released the mini –album “ Jikuukouro “ . What’s the theme of the album ? Tell us about those variations of sounds and instruments you were speaking about back then in 2015.

It’s the time travelling! It includes Japanese traditional instruments such as dragon flute, koto fue and organ strings piano.
It is totally different from the previous album.

8.Which was the best experience of your life ?
The concert from Romania in 2011!!!!


9.Since you were a child you had an interest for the swords . They say the sword it is the soul of the samurai. What can you tell us about the katanas?

Yes, the katana is the soul of the samurai.
During the samurais period,kids dreamt to yeld a samurai sword and learn the swordsmanship .They wanted to become samurai!

10.The beginning of your song Hannya- The invisible demon sounds like a prayer or Japanese incantation . Does it have a special meaning ?
It’s a sutra from the Buddhism that was meant to defeat the invisible demons!

11.Which tell from the Japanese folklore except the one about Orochi , do you believe it is representative for Japan ?

In the Japanese folklore , there is the myth of „Kojiki” . This is a story about how the Japanese islands were created by the deites. Please read more on Wikipedia.
Yes ,I do think it is representative for Japan.

12.Everyone knows already the artist Ryu Orochi performing on the stage , but we don’t know anything about the Ryu outside the stage. How do you spend your free time when you ‘re not on the stage?

I like to ride on motorbike .It’s interesting! I will ride around Eurasia continent someday.

13.What did bring you close to the music ? Did someone or something influence you to choose the way of the music ?

Yes, there was this teacher who taught me to play the Irish harp. It was really worth . It did turn me into a musou.

14.Sometimes , there are songs we really like ,but the language is a barrier and we can’t understand the lyrics . From  musical point of view , what is more important ? To try to understand the lyrics of the song or to enjoy the song itself as it is ?

Both ! I understand the lyrics are important, but you can enjoy the song even though it is in an  unknown language and feel its energy too .

I will release the English version of the song ” Haruka ” pretty soon!

15.This is our last question. What would you like to transmit to everyone reading this interview ?

On 23rd October I’ll held a free concert at RUIDO k3 Ikebukuro, in Tokyo !
And there will be the release of new CD.

*Our thanks goes to OROCHI and his manager  for the interview *

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