1. Hello! Ajia no Tengoku it ‘s pleased to meet you . Could you please introduce yourselves ?

Hi everyone ! I’m Kensuke  , the leader of the band and  I am playing guitar.
Also I’m designer of our fashion brand.

2. You’ve been performing  at  HYPER JAPAN Festival 2016 in UK. How was it ?

It was amazing!
We  played for the  second time in UK.
The people from UK do know us well .
They  kept cheering for  us and enjoyed our live show and our original fashion style .

3. Broken Doll was founded in 2006 . You also own a fashion brand with the same name . Please tell us more about how all started .

I was influenced by  the brand fashion  and music of 70s .I was influenced by Vivvienne and Sex Pistols. They mixed music and fashion and this way they actually  created a new culture. Before , this kind of fusion of music and fashion wasn’t really a success.  I think both of them had a great influence worldwide . I thought that  I could  create a similar movement like Vivvienne in fashion and Sex Pistols in music industry ,and like their manager Malcolm McLaren at the same time ,it could be awesome. Moreover, I thought that if I can do this ,maybe I can get farther than them. That is the main reason why I started founded the band and the brand at the same time.

4. Your Jpop Punk Harajuku style inspires cuteness and a fashionable sense . But , what does your concept consist in ?

My concept’s main point is the idea of  bringing up a unique fashion which has never existed before.


5. Kensuke , in a interview you stated that you like Vivienne brand . What do you like about it ? Is there any accessory from your brand inspired by Vivvienne’s style?

I think without Sex Pistoles, Vivvienne wouldn’t  have been this successful .So ,I have to say that I admire   Vivvienne’s accessories that  Sex Pistoles wore.


6.How do you create your accessories ? Is there any particular model ?

My accessories have no particular model. I just make them freely without any plan.


7. Could we expect to any upcoming CD  release from Broken Doll ?

We have the 10th anniversary coming up  the next year .So, we ‘re doing our best to  make this new album possible.


8. So far you ‘ ve been in Brasil and Australia , right ? What another countries have you added or would you like to add on your list as your future tour locations ?

As of now , the one European country  we visited  it was England.  We would like to go to other European countries and visit U.S.A. too.


9. Please answer with “ Yes “ or “ No “ to the following words and explain why “ Yes “ or “ No “.
• Gucci Yes
• Dreams Yes
• Rebel. Yes
• Future. Yes

Yes ,because as I mentioned  I ‘ve got big dreams .
10.“ I miss you “ it ‘s pretty popular song among fans . What can you tell us about this piece ?
So ,I can say that this song refers to the  words listed  above. It consists in all of them.

11. As designer how do you see the worldwide fashion industry ? With what do you agree and with what you do not agree ?

I love one off items. The  one off items are handmade. Also ,I like super original styles.
So, I make them every time.


12. How many years have passed since you met Sachi , Yuu and Takaki for the first time ?

As I said , we ‘ve got  our 10th anniversary next year.
I met Sachi 8 years ago in a  small rock venue in Tokyo.


13. Who is in charge with the lyrics and musical arrangement ?

I write music and Sachi writes the  lyrics .


14. How would you convince someone who never heard about the Harajuku style , that ‘s fashionable and it ‘s worthy to try it out ? Which accessories would you recommend ? How about outfits?

I think there is no rule for fashion. You should try out  many styles !
Also trust your inspiration!


15. Guys , what ‘s your message for Ajia no Tengoku ‘s readers ?

Broken Doll is trying to create  latest style ,which is an original fashion and band style .
We are looking forward to meet you someday!
Keep in contact with us on Facebook and Twitter.

* Our thanks to Kensuke and his band for  giving us a part of their time and for having accepted to be interviewed *

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