1.  Hey there ! It ‘s good to see  you guys . Thank you for choosing Ajia no Tengoku  once again.   How are going the things for you ?

Very good . We ‘ve been  taking  a break . But from the next week  we ‘ll  re-start the rehearsals and  we’ll work on some projects  that involves  the entire band . Lately , it ‘s been so  hot   and being  honest I didn’t manage  to do much . I miss the summer  vacation I once  spent  in Sweden.

2.  So, which are your  plans as of now ?  In your previous  interview with us  you expressed your wish of  performing  also in another countries .  Could  France  be one of  the  locations by chance ?

 I want to play my guitar everywhere . If  an events organizer  asks me , I  go  to any country to perform.As  musician I ‘d feel happy.

At the moment  we ‘re preparing  to release  a new CD both  in Japan and  Europe. We’re also  looking for a keyboardist  and  another  guitarist . Even though , it will be somehow difficult because they ‘ll have play my songs ,including my riffs … It will take some time  , but I ‘ll  be  patient .

3.  Not long ago  after  the MV “ Arde junto a mi “  was out , you   released  the MV “  Muestra tu bandera”.  You don’t like to keep  the fans waiting , do you ? What ‘s the main idea  of  ” Muestra tu bandera ”?

Yes , exactly. We don’t want to make them  wait too much . As about the video ,  we wanted  to show another  side of  In a SCAR  ,but also to promote the new CD.

4.  I noticed that the tune of  “ Muestra tu bandera “  it ‘s   heavier  if you compare it with  “ Arde junto a mi “ .  Is it  somehow  a try  of  expressing  your identity as band  through this song ?

Though , this song is heavier  than  “ Arde  junto  a  mi “ ,for me there ‘s no  difference between it . Of course , it belongs  to the heavy metal  genre. You can notice  it  once  you listen to the  chorus .

Both have  got  something  in common  because  they belong  to the same style and are my songs. To my mind , in  these  melodies  you can  easily notice  the freedom of speech.Maybe more than in the past .

5.   Jun , this month  you ‘ve been playing in some concerts by  the side of  Pedro  Javier  Cabrera  in Barcelona.  Was it  a change for fun ?   Does imply any project ?

I  see Javier  like a music  teacher ,but also as an important person  for me because  I learned a lot of things  from him concerning the life . He made me change my opinion about music .

He ‘s got that “ something special “  that I don’t have .For example …when comes about music , I  prepare myself  intensively  for  the rehearsals and  concerts . I want  everything to be perfect.

Yet , he ‘s not like this .  Two minutes before  the  show , he changes  the guitar’s chords  and checks  out if all it ‘s  alright.

At first I was surprised , but later I got used to it . This summer  things did go really good . We had three concerts in Barcelona.

6. How is it going with the recording  of  your  upcoming  album ?

The recording  it ‘s over . I got in touch with a Japanes e music label . With some promotion everything will go just fine .I know the  owner of the  music label . He ‘s really good at his work .That ‘s why I contacted him.

7.  Do you have  in mind any bands you would  like to  collaborate with ?

Sure . In Spain there are no Jrock or Jmetal bands , so that ‘s why I want to perform  by the side of my Japanese friends.  There ‘s this band  from  Sweden , BatAAr  that I ‘m also interested about .


8.  Which was the  lastest  song you ‘ve been  listening to ? what  do you like  about that  artist/ band ?

ABBA. I listen ABBA every day because they ‘ve  got  good music .  I listen  to Takui Nakajima ‘music  daily as well .  I guess he ‘s not that known in Europe , but he ‘s a great  musician . I recommend you his  pieces.

Recently , I ‘ve been focusing  especially  on 妃阿甦-THE PIASS ‘s  pieces  because it helps me test my  guitar skills . He’s been my teacher since 1998.

Many people said I ‘m a good guitarist ,but  I don’t think so . Although , they  insist and  they  keep on with  their  encourangements   , saying  I do play really well I  know better  than them it ‘s not like that .  Listening  to the way  妃阿甦-THE PIASS  plays the guitar , I realize I have to improve a lot to become the best.

My teacher never told me I ‘m a good guitarist . Hope someday he ‘ll tell me this . haha

9.  What brand is it the guitar you own at the moment , Junichi ? How about your first  guitar  ? What brands do you generally like ?

I like very much the ESP guitars .Itself are  the perfection. At the moment I own an ESP model with  7 chords. Im not interested about another  guitar models .  My first guitar was a Gibson , but I don’t have it here . I left it in Japan . It has a great sound , but  ESP is still the best .

10. Speaking about  instruments , when did you start to play the guitar ?

When  I was  12 years old . Everything started with the song of a Japanese music group called  BOOWY. My  friend ‘s brother used to make  convers  of their songs. That was the first incentive. From the moment  I saw  X JAPAN  I  began to play the guitar seriously.  After school , I ‘d play the guitar  every day until I fell asleep.

11.  Do you  like challenges  ? If yes , why ?

Of course .It goes without saying  that you can obtain something , but you can also lose .To try the impossible makes  sense .  However , it doesn’t  end  well everytime .

12.  Any message for our readers ?

You already memorized the name of  In a SCAR , right ? You can ‘t say no .haha Give me  5 minutes from your  free time . Please take a look  at our  music videos .  If you don’t like it , it’s alright .Still ,before to decide if you like it or not  give us just  5 minutes  please .

 * Our thanks  goes to Junichi and  the band  In a SCAR for the interview *

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