1.Hey there  !Nice to meet you . Thank you for joining us and  giving us the  opportunity  to find out  more about  you guys.  Please  introduce yourselves  to our  readers .

Hello! It’s a pleasure being interviewed by you guys. We are HYDRA, Visual kei band  from a country in the Southeastern Asia, Indonesia that’s it. Our band consists in 4 persons : Juna as vocalist, D.N and Rukka as  guitarists and Hoho is the drummer. We are based in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

2.Your band was founded in 2010 . But when  and how was your  first encounter ?

Our first encounter was around 2010 . Then we decided to establish BLACKMORAL because we had the same interest in music, passion, kind of style and we all were living in the same city, Jakarta.

We made our  debut as BLACKMORAL, a cover-band which was only performing songs from popular Japanese Visual Kei Band .But as time went by, our bond as band members got stronger .Hence ,we learned more about Visual Kei style, music skills and we started to make our own songs. From that time on  we had performed in a lot of gigs in Indonesia.

3.You made your debut under  the  name  BLACKMORAL. However  ,after  the 2 live  performances from  Japan  BLACKMORAL  turned to HYDRA , your current name.  Why HYDRA ?  How does it feel  having  a new identity  as HYDRA ?

As we said before, we established BLACKMORAL just as a cover-band , but we had an opportunity to perform live in Japan. After our 2 live performances in Japan we realized that we want more than just a cover-band. We wanted to make our own music and get more serious about the Visual kei. Thus, our metamorphose began , our former vocalist decided to resign from the band due to his new job and we couldn’t  force him to stay. So, the band members decided to find a new vocalist and we met Juna. The other members adapted so well with his unique voice tone as you could hear in our first single “PASSION”. It’s lively and cheerful.

Having a new identity as HYDRA, it feels like we just reborned  to be  something new and fresh. We hope through our music, we could touch and speak to people’s soul, we could pass the message, and encourage everyone who ‘s listening  to our song.

4. On 3rd March  of this   year , you  released the MV  “ Passion “ . I find  this piece  very catchy and it feels like playing it again and again  without to stop.  It’s contagious .  What is it in fact  you wanted to express through this song ?  Do the lyrics  describe  an important  moment from your  life or of your band ?

“Passion” is telling about the passion hidden  inside of the people. We would like to encourage people who are listening  to this song  , to make them keep their passion because most of the time, people just forget and leave behind  their true passion due to their job, family and any other reasons. We want to tell the people that the passion is really important. We know that mostly people work in the field that they don’t like ,but we just wanna say “Hey, why don’t just do both?” .You can do both your job and your passion. Because everytime you feel lost, frustrated and stressed and you had enough about your daily routine, your passion will be the fuel for your life. It makes you alive, it will boost and recharge your energy.

Actually, we’ve made this song based on our own experience. Each  member comes from a  different background  , although  we have the same passion .So , that’s what made  us survive and stick to each other until now. People come and go , but the passion in HYDRA will always last.

5.Somehow , there it feels a difference between  the style you used as  BLACKMORAL  and the style you use as HYDRA. Could you explain to us  the difference between the two of it ?

Because BLACKMORAL was adapting neo -metal music , our style was really dark like. We used to wear black costumes, scary accessories that brought in a dark ambience. HYDRA is the opposite. Our style is a  combination  of glamour and casual visual kei. We used more color in our costumes, hair and also make up. Not only that ,you can tell the difference in the music. HYDRA’s song is cheerful, more easy to listen and we even made a Furi for “PASSION”, so we can dance along with the fans.

*Furi (Furitsuke) = Dance choreography during live performance

6.What could you tell us about the album “ LIMITLESS ‘’ ?

“LIMITLESS” is the title of BLACKMORAL album . It contains  3 songs  “Moral Parade”, “BomWaktu”, and “Destroyer”. The album content is full of political issues .For example in “Moral Parade” is a  song that speaks about people such as politicians, who often used a moral mask to disguise  in front of the public.


7.Where does come from the name of “ Hyperion “ / “ HYPERs “  , that you use to call your  fans ? Why “ Hyperion “?

HYPER on short comes from HYDRA’S SUPPORTER. We call our fans in general as HYPER.HYPERION is HYDRA’S Fans Club. Why Hyperion? We took the name from Greek mythology which has the meaning of the “The High-One” .Because we deemed that the HYPERION member is VIP and exclusive. To become a member of HYPERION, you can register through our website following the term and conditions given. All members of HYPERION will get exclusive access to get in touch with HYDRA!

8.You took part at Ennichisai 2016 on May 14. How was this year Ennichisai?

That was awesome. It was an honor for us to be able to perform at  Ennichisai 2016 ,knowing  Ennichisai is one of the biggest Japanese festival event from Jakarta that always ‘s been waited by Japanese lovers here. We never expected the crowd would be that crazy, but people were really enthusiastic with our performance. So , it was an amazing experience for HYDRA. We hope we can perform again at  Ennichisai 2017.

9.On June 25, it was  the HYPER DAY . Sounds fun ! Do you  always  organize such meetings with your fans ?

HYPER DAY was being held because we want to get closer by HYPERs and HYPERIONs, we also celebrated our first anniversary in that event. We played some games and there was also a question and answer session with HYPERs. You can imagine how fun it was! And of course we are looking forward to continue to make such event in the future.

10.What ‘s the central  idea of your concept ?

The central idea of our concept for now is about dream and it is  influenced by myth and universe. Although , it could change in the future.

11.Have you got any plans for a tour ? An Asian tour ? Or perhaps an European  one ?

Sure, we have a plan to perform at a gig in Singapore next time . And for the  coming year, we will do some promotions in Japan. We are really looking forward to perform in Europe as well!! So ,if there’s any chance please contact us!

12.Back in time , an October 2014 at Shibuya Rex , you had  the honor  to open the concert with your  performance for Lost Ash. Is  Lost Ash  one of the bands that influences you ?

Honestly, Lost Ash is not one of the bands that influenced us when we were known under the name BLACKMORAL, but they are one of the bands that we respect. Their performance was so amazing and much or less we are  inspired by their style.

13.Please complete the following sentences according  to your  own beliefs :

Life is- being able to do our passion and everything that we like in a positive way.

Success is -when our music could reach everyone and entertain anyone who listens to it.

Faith is- we believe that HYPER is always supporting us and our music.

What’s your message for our  readers ?

Don’t forget to subscribe and watch to our PV single for “PASSION” checking the link from below . Keep supporting and get in touch with HYDRA with our social media accounts below. For single, album purchase, HYPERION member registration and any inquiry please send email to panopticoncompany@gmail.com . Cheers!


*We thank you  to the members of HYDRA for their cooperation and for giving us  their time *

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