1. Hello! It ‘s been a while since last time. It was happening after your tour “ Three Worlds For You “, when you had your first interview with us, right? So, thank you for giving us again the opportunity to discuss with you . How you ‘ve been in all this time? What has changed since last year?

Hello. Thank you for interviewing me again. Yes, our first interview was last year. I’m glad we have another interview. Haha

After the last tour, my music style changed a lot and I started talking to nice people about my music and my solo works. So it feels like new days came for me.

The most important day had come: MASK One Night Reunion on May 1st 2016. Well, I definitely would like to release a solo CD for them.

2. There’s something I always was curious about. How is it the world of artists like? How would you describe it ? Are there any rules ? What should an artist do and what should not do?

Maybe they have only one rule. Don’t forget the passport. ahaha

So I’m not yet a world famous artist but I think they make others happy and cheer up the audience with their own music.

3. The name of your current tour is “ Where ‘s my honey ? -Call my name – “. Where ‘s your honey ?  Do you think you could find your honey during this tour?

I‘ve already found my honey called „Jack Daniels“ in Berlin. Maybe I will find a sweet honey soon.

4. Recently, you released your new single “ I wish to be Loved…”. Please speak to us about it .

This single is just for Japanese fans because the songs on the CD have already been released in foreign countries in 2015.

5. I ‘d like to know what do you think about the relationship between the fans and artists / bands .The artists are human beings like all of us , however fans tend to see them with another eyes, so to speak. What’s your opinion about idolizing a favorite musician ?

It’s nice. I like it. This means that the artist has to grow everyday for the fans.


6. The release of “ i Wish to be Loved …” took place exactly on June 18, your birthday. How was the event and how about your birthday?Did you receive any gifts?

The show was with the bassist and the visual detector on my stage. It was such a good feeling. Yes, I received some wines and beautiful flowers.

7. How ‘s the tour going ? Are you having fun ?

I’m having very much fun and every show was different. In August will be 20shows. I’m really excited about it.

8.  If your wish could come true what would you wish for ?  What does Sana san wishes for ?

If my wish could come true, I would like to do a world wide tour within one year.

9. One of your hobbies is collecting coins from all the countries you have visited . How big did it become your collection ? And from what countries did you manage collect coins so far ?

Right now one coin collection has been completed. I could complete EU, USA, Japan, Ukraine, Russia , Georgia, Singapore and Malaysia. I already have some coins from Poland, Bulgaria, Korea, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Switzerland and other countries.

10. This month, in July, you‘ve been modeling for “ BABY , THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT “ in Berlin , Germany . How did it feel ? How was it ? Which was the theme of the photoshooting? Could you share some pictures with us ?

It was a very nice event. In times with MASK I was modeling often. Well, it was a bit nostalgic but somehow I had new inspirations for that event.

11. Since you ‘re always checking out and following the new trends , could you name some  designers you are fond of ?

I would recommend a Japanese artist accessory brand. The brand name is +α and the accessory name is 宇宙ガラス (Uchuu Garasu ) .


12. Out there are many singers or artists that are also acting . Do you think we could see you acting in any J-drama or film in the near future ? Would your free time allow for it if you were to start acting ?

Haha. I’m not interested in acting anymore. In 2012 I was acting in theater every month in Tokyo. It was a nice experience. Maybe someday somewhere if I will have a chance I would do it again.

13. David Bowie , King Crimson and LUNA SEA are representing the main influences concerning your music . In what way did each of them influence your style and composition? What do you like about them and what makes them unique to your mind?

They always told me not to be afraid of what to do with the music and sometimes I dedicate songs to them to show my respect.

14. From what I noticed in your music videos, you fill very beautiful the stage with your moves. You‘re very charismatic and once you start to play your guitar you overflow with energy and emotions. Could you tell us more about your music? How is it the world seen through Sana‘s eyes ? How looks like the Universe you are trying to describe through your lyrics?

First of all thank you very much. The stage is my life. This means it should be beautiful, emotional and cute. Lol

I try that my music gets easier but more emotional. I wish that people will never forget my music and the melodies when they listen to it for the first time.  My lyrics are still inspired by other persons I met or talked to. Each person is an own universe. Well, I’m interested in connecting people with my music.

15. Unfortunatelly , we reached at the end of this interview . What would you like to tell to our readers ?

Hi Ajia no Tengoku readers. Thank you very much for reading this interview. If enough people are interested in me, I would be able to visit your city with my music one day. So I’m looking forward to meeting you one day. Thank you.

*Our thanks goes to SANA san and to his manager for the interview *

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