1 .  Nice to meet you  guys ! We ‘re happy  we got the chance to interview you . Please introduce yourselves to us.

 Rose Noire is a Goth Unit  formed from Louie and Jill.Our music is based on classical music and we mixed up some other genre in it,for example Rock,Club music,Hip Hop like that.

2.It ‘s really been awhile  since I ‘ve listened  to some gothic   industrial bands.  When I first listened  to  your  music I could say I felt  mesemerized .  That aristocratic air inspired by  your outfists and that “ tint “ of  classical added to the  gothic industrial sound  , left me speechless. Could you tell us more about you ?

I think we received education of classical music,when we were very very young.So it is not so-called Goth-Loli culture in Japan,it is traditional music education.And after that we had interest in other type of  music.I think it is why our music is unique.

3 .You guys made your  debut in 2009.  The following  years have  been packed with live shows .Where is it you performed for the first  time ? Which  venue remained in your mind  and what performance  you vividly remember  as we speak ?

The first place I cannot remember….The place that strongly remained  in my mind  is first USA concert.Because we have been abroad many ,many times, but not as Rose Noire.

4. I checked out a few  of  your MVs  , among them also “ Alice “ .   Do you always  get inspiration from stories ?  Why “ Alice  in Wonderland “  and not another story?

 No,I`m not inspired by story.In terms of “Alice” ,I composed the short riff of intro,and I made it longer.It is opposite,means the intro inspired me the story of Alice.

5.It is pointless to ask where you two met since both of you  have attended  Fine arts and Music at  Tokyo National  University.  However ,  there ‘s  something that intrigues me .  Louie , from the information about  your band I found out  that  you and  Jill are  “ band siblings “ .  Are you also  siblings by blood ?

 Yes,we are siblings!


6.What does your musical  concept consist in ?  As music genres , I noticed you  don’t limit yourselves on only one , but you do mix many genres of music .   Is it the same when comes about your concept ?

This is a  good question because it is a  serious problem for me.I have intent it with many pieces , but if we adopt all of them,it will be not “Rose Noire”.So, we define our music as  being based on “Classical Music”.

7.Coming back to “ Alice “ , Louie ,  how  does sound  “ Alice in Wonderland “ described through your lyrics ?  How is the Alice from your story?

This is not based on Alice’s story .The concept is coming from a dream.We cannot conclude it is real or dream.We woke up from dream ,but we were still in someone’s dream.

 8.In March  2011 , you released the charity  track “  The Power  To Revive “.Is it related to any charity event or act  you took part to ?

 Not a decent charity ,but we thought our music may cheer someone up.

9.In 2007 you became  the winners of the SONY – ZOOM DEMO tape competition . With what song  did you present yourselves  at that contest ?

 The song ‘s name is “awareness”.

10.“ QUO VADIS “  is the  most recent  album you released . What ‘s  the  theme of the album ?

QUO VADIS is a re-arranged album,an acoustic style of  our past tracks.

11. “ Dual Evil “ it is an amazing  song . It is the one  instrumental  piece you have released so far ?

No,we released “Synapse” in the album “Sanctuary”.


12.Please explain to us the meaning of the following  fragment from “ Narcism “  :

“ It is over , cannot be back / In a  blue  clock I have /Stopped working after you had gone /Where are you?/ I was looking for you /Listen to my music /Feel it in the wind “ .   What is it you  wanted to transmit to  the listeners ?  Did you have a particular thought  in mind when you composed   this melody ?

I composed  for Narcism only the melody and tracks at first,after that I wrote the lyrics.It expresses my memories of lost important things.

13. Somehow your vocal range seems to be  higher  as intensity in comparison  with the vocal range of another artists .  How do you maintain flexible your voice ?

 No,I’m still trying to develop. And I want to show you a more great voice in the near future!

14.How would you describe the world of Rose Noire  to the classical  music lovers  that  didn’t meet with a gothic industrial music style  mixed with classical ?

 It is difficult because we went out from classical music.If I’m forced to say it , then I ‘ll say”Classical music can fit to a modern world like this!”

15.In the end , what would you like to transmit to our readers ?

 Thank you for interest in Rose Noire!We hope we can meet directly!!

*Our thanks goes to  Rose Noire for  giving us a part of their time to discuss with us and for their kindness *

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