1.It is your first interview with Ajia no Tengoku . So , thank you for giving us a part of your time to discuss  with us . Please introduce yourselves .

Hello , Ajia no Tengoku !We are ’57’ , a rock band from South Korea featuring male guitarist Junhong Yun and the female drummer Sur Kim. 57 is pronounced as ‘Oh-Chill in Korea. Nice to meet you everyone.

2.Your band was founded  in 2014 . How was your  first experience on the stage ? 

It was not bad .We were a little bit nervous and excited in the same time .It was our first time and we were just the two of us.

 On the stage we  want to give our  energy and emotions to the audience ,  to make  them  “boil”  deep inside.

3.Junhong , in a interview you affirmed that the  song which best describes you  it is  “ U & I “ . Why is it that so ? In what  manner does that song represent you ?

 Junhong : So, „U & I” got  a our pure sound. I felt like losing my way and mind.This it was my state of mind when I wrote that song.Just following another people ,I want to be myself  as member of  57. It always  reminds me  it means a lot   to me.

4.Sur ,  you  were just a student  when you were  asked to become  part  of Junhong’s  band . Which was your first  impression  about  Junhong  and how did you feel about that sudden proposal ?

 Sur : My first impression was not good. When I saw his show, he looked like being  full of complaints. Oddly enough, I was not surprised when he proposed to me. Something about it was familiar.

 5.Eventually , you two  left Jeonju and moved to Seoul .  Was it hard to  make your way  among the other  indie bands ?

 We love Jeonju  .  We miss our city.Jeonju is a little city , where we tried tov hold gigs every weekend.  We ‘d take our equipment to square,park,etc. We tried playing with other bands and artists sometimes . It was not bad at all . We used to have so much fun, but we didn’t keep up with it .We wanted more gigs . We wanted see the performances of many another musicians.

 6.The songs of your EP “ 57 “  , all of it  have a very strong  beat and in the same time are very energetic . All of it seem to be connected one to another .  What ‘s the main story of this EP?

 Really?  Thank you for your review.EP „57” has sadness,hate for love, ego . All the songs have  got  the same root , although they are different and have a different “fruit “…  “ a sad fruit.”

7.You ‘ve been considered the hottest rookie band of  the year  2015. Which was your reaction  about it ?

It was a feeling of  “ That was amazing! It was real? “.  It was a great joy. We felt thankful.That experience gave us confidence and  made us believe more in our path  towards music.


8.Your music reached to our  ears in Romania . Your music it really  is different  from all  the musical styles  promoted  through  the Kdramas   broadcasted on TV .   How would you like  people to perceive  your music ?  Not just the Romanians , but everyone out there who heard about you  for the first time ?

Romania???Seriously?We’re surprised.Right ,our music is different. Not major , not K-pop.We don’t want to get involved in that way  .Guys , try to be open minded  and just feel our music , that can make you feel various emotions.

 9. The number 57  seems to have a very  important  meaning for you .  Do you consider 57 being somehow  a lucky number ?

 When we founded the band  ,she was 27 and I was 30 years old. So , we added our ages. In Korean “ Oh Chill “.

10.What memories  you  hold dear  to you related to the  Zandari Festa ?

Oh~everything was new.We met lovely people , we made best friends in Zandari Festa.It gave us the  chance to show our music. An entire 1 hour in Hongdae made us to  grow up as musicians .Zandari changed our way.

11.Do you have any plans  in releasing  any new album or single ?  If yes , when is it going  to be released ?

 Sure~!We will be releasing a new album in the winter  and last week we released new single „PRAY FOR THE DEAD” .This was recorded during the UK tour. Check it out ! Now free streaming&download

12. Since how many years have you been  together as a band ?  What should be the relationship between the members of a band ?  How about you ?  What did stick you two together ?

 2 years as a „57”.We are really different as persons . We are like cat and dog sometimes .We ‘d fight  or we’d  really hate each other.Somehow,  it made us become honest with each other .

These days ,we try to understand each other’s personality and  we try to be interactive.Everything is for 57, for our music.It is what makes good our relationship.

13.In your opinion which are the best qualities of an artist ?

Sincerity , Emotions.

14. You took part to 2015 Band Discovery  and  2015  Hello Rookie .  Which from the two contests was  memorable for you ?

 Can not choose one!Band Discovery was our first award. We ‘ll never forget that time. It was astonishing for a moment ,because  we had some issues . Our condition was not good.Hello Rookie was amazing too.

My main drive sound pedal has got broken during soundcheck time because of an electric shock.Next day we tried to forget , so we could play freely .Both of it have been great .It was our moment of glory.

 15. Because we reached the end , please transmit a message to our readers .

Thank you for reading our interview. We hope you will have a good time with this.When we’ll  get a chance ,we want meet you in live venues or festival . We really hope that.Thank you again and take care .

    *  We thank you to Sur and  Junhong for the cooperation*

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