10354246_505439326295183_1270167570179017959_n1. Hello!  Guys  we’re  glad we got the chance to catch you and that you agreed to  speak with us. Could you please introduce yourselves?

Hyuntae: Hello, Ajia No Tengoku! I’m Hyuntae, the  singer of Goldmund. Goldmund is an electro pop band from  Seoul and founded in 2013. We released an album and several digital singles. Our new EP Alive Part One: Space Boys & Girls was released in April of this year.

2.Hyuntae , in a interview you affirmed that Goldmund’s story started  with Stray ‘s call  last summer  , who asked your help  for his solo project.  But , where is it you met for the first  time and how did you get to know each other?

Hyuntae: Twitter. I had tweeted about my former band-it was a rock one-many times .So Youngmin knew that I sing and I  play the guitar. We’ve been pretty good friends even before the band. That’s how we met.

3.So, basically  you ‘re in the middle of a tour at the moment . You ‘ve been to Russia and Kazakhstan so far .  On May 18 , you ‘re going to to Georgia and for the last shows  you ‘ll return to Russia.  This is just the first part of  this tour. How does it feel  being outside  Korea?You aready hgave to the fans  a hint concerning the 2nd part of the world tour .  In which countries would you personally love to play ?

Hyuntae: Well, sometimes I miss my family and my cat badly .But I don’t consider it being  a big problem. I like travelling,trying  new foods, getting to know  how people live in other countries. That’s why I love the tours. I wanna visit  Africa or South America because I’ve never been in there and I don’t know those countries well.

Youngmin: I ‘m  really happy!   I ‘m Korean  and many foreign  people  love our music. It’s an honor for me. Being outside Korea  always makes me feel good! I  wanna go someday to  United States and France!

4.Your newest  album “ Alive “  was founded  on  April 12. What ‘s the theme of the album?

Hyuntae: I started from the idea that  all  people  are trying to find something to make their incomplete life complete. In other words, to make them feel alive .That something can be anything : love, fun, some unexpected incidents…. That’s  what  my lyrics are about. In order to feel alive , the people  are desperately struggling to find something  that can make  themselves feel accomplished .

Youngmin: I wanted make an  ‘ALIVE’ music . So, here’s my result.

5.What could you tell us about the EP “ Unplanned Works “ released in March 2014?

Youngmin: ‘Unplanned Works’ was a literally unplanned work for me. It’s our first album and consists in  pieces we put altogether . So, sometimes I feel like it’s not an album. But it’s our first album and anyway  I like it.

Hyuntae: I still can’t believe  how much guts  I had to actually  make an album. I was  totally  inexperienced , when I started work on  the album. The songs are good, but I can’t say I ‘m so fond of my voice  . Thanks to Unplanned Works, however, we’re on tour. I have to appreciate it.

6.Your band ‘s name comes from  Hermann Hesse’s  “ Narcissus and Goldmund “ , right ?  Why Goldmund?  And what does mean Goldmund for you ?

Youngmin: My youth. And 10 years later, I hope  it ‘ll keep going on  .

Hyuntae: Actually, Goldmund sounds better than Narcissus. That’s why we chose it . In the novel Goldmund wonders all around the world, meeting new  people, surpassing  all the boundaries. Finally ,the boy who wanted to become Narcissus at the first realized he  has been  Goldmund himself.

As a musician ,I  myself  I  wanna become like that too . I’m still  inexperienced and  I don’t really know where to go to .Hopefully , till a the final phase of my musical career , I ‘ll reach my goals and I ‘ll be enough balanced when comes about life.

7.On  March 23 of this  year , you released  the MV “ One “ . Could you speak to us a bit about it ?

Hyuntae: It’s just about a girl who tries to find  the one, or something like that . There’s no actual story. The video is a  of visualization of the song One. We  did our best in putting into the MV  the beauty of real Seoul .

 13325576_548897858615996_590854447563486667_n8.When did you  decide on making music ? Was there during your childhood  someone or something that  made you get into  music , that influenced you ?

Youngmin: Yes. I liked Epik High  since when  I was a student.  There was this  guy called ‘Tablo’ ,who wrote almost all the  lyrics and made  music. He’s somehow  my idol.

Hyuntae: I always wanted to be a rock star since.  I’ ve been crazy about the band Syrup16g, when I was in high school. They are a Japanese one-actually not a star band . They ‘re an  indie band .

And there’s the band which made me play guitar and sing. Fujifabric. I listened to their song Bye Bye, and I  told to myself  „I also want to touch someone and be part of their memories.” That’s why I got into  all these stuffs. And I think I’m still far away from fulfilling my  goal.

9. You collaborated  with Titan Slang and  YUKARI.  What another  artists would you like to collaborate with ?

Hyuntae: YonYon of Kotoba Select. Her voice is amazing. Actually ,we and Kotoba Select already co-worked in a showcase for new album Alive. But if I could do it again , this time, I ‘d do it  for a  new song. One of our songs  or of  their  songs, it doesn’t matter.

Youngmin: ONUKA. She’s an Ukrainian musician. I like her voice and style.

10.Stray , as producer how do you see the things in the  music industry  at the moment ?  What would you choose between  the popular  boy /girl groups  and indies? And why?

Youngmin: Modern music industry changes very  fast. Music now is a public property rather than a kind of merchandise. This is why musicians have to be more entertaining, not only making music.

BTS /  f(x) / The Solutions

There would be no arguement on the fact that BTS is the best boy band and I love their style. f(x) also got their own style, that’s why I love them.

The Solutions, like us, is an electro pop band from Korea. Electro pop was  quite my favorite genre at first and I can say I really had what to learn  from their music.

11.How would you  describe your music style  to the people  who didn’t  listen before to your music ?

Youngmin: Sound of Forever Gold.

Hyuntae: Sound of Seoul, sound of incomplete youth.

12.In the show from April  23 , you had as guest KOTOBA SELECT.  How was the show and how is  KOTOBA SELECT  as artist ?

Hyuntae: They are totally a new wave of J-Pop. I really love their sound. YonYon’s vocal, as I mentioned above , is amazing. And Ishii Yudai a. k. a Qoozila’s touch on guitar is got a so emotional feeling   . Their live and CD are both good. Personally , I love them .

Youngmin: KOTOBA SELECT’s show was really nice. And I  really like their music style. You should listen them !

13.Tell us more about yourselves and your concept.

Hyuntae: As  songwriter and lyricist , I try to express exactly what’s in my mind . Those images, feelings, emotions…all the things. With exact words. Many people told  me that my lyrics are like paintings, giving  them the exact images of something. I think this is what consists in the concept of my  lyrics.Transmiting to  the people the  images and colors  I am expressing through my words .

Youngmin: Well, we’re just doing music and we wanna try many   genres and concepts. So just keep watching!

14.In your opinion , what is it that keeps a band active and moving on , taking any challenge?

Youngmin: I think the most important things are the  mind and attitude. You need  to enjoy  things around you , but sometimes you must be serious too.


15.Thank you for your time . We ‘re at the end . What would you like to transmit to our readers ?

Hyuntae: I’m very happy to have an interview with Ajia No Tengoku. Sometimes , while you talk with someone, it  happens to you  to feel  something deep inside that can’t be described  with words at all, something that  comes out with well-arranged words. That’s what I felt with this interview. It was very nice to be with you, Ajia No Tengoku.

Youngmin: I just want to say thank you for reading this long interview, and please keep watching us and listening our music! Thank you again.

* Our thanks goes  to Youngmin and Hyuntae for their kindness and cooperation *

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