1. Could you please introduce yourselves?

We are a unique Jrock ,Jmetal band from Spain and at the moment we ‘ve got more concerts in Barcelona ,but as soon the next CD will be released we ‘ll start to perform overseas too. So,for me this is not yet the beginning. Only of the release of the new CD , I will truly can say I’m part of this band.
As about the music , I am in charge with the lyrics and melody. Also Adrian used to compose music for our band. Through our music I want to express the nostalgy and sadness . Technically ,there is a big difference between us and another bands.

2. Junichi , you are the founder of the project ” In a SCAR ” that appeared in 2012. When exactly did you move from Japan to Spain ? Why did you choose Spain?

I got here at the beginning of 2012. Then I only was helping a musician. A the end of 2012 I searched for band members. Before , when I was still in Japan , we had a producer and organizer from Spain .

After the disolusion of my former band , I didn’t feel like coming up with something new . The producer invited me to go with him in Spain , and I decided to found my own band there .For me the place it ‘s irrelevant. All I wanted wasto produce music in a country from Europe.

3.How did you meet Paul , Adrian and Adri ? Did you make some kind of casting ?

Paul left the band. Now we got a more experienced drummer.

I got to know Adrian in 2014. At that time I wanted to change my bandmates . We agreed to make some sort of experiment and to sing together.Then I noticed he ‘s got something special about him. He’s an awesome artist. He needs just a little push up to reach higher.

I met Adri in in 2015. Our bassist couldn’t join us during a show ,so I asked him play with us . He’s a serious person and though he leaks experience ,for sure he ‘ll improve fast and will get used with our band .If he keeps going on like this he ‘ll get farther in no time .

4.What can you tell us about your CD ” Spirits ” launched in october 2013?

It already belongs to the past . We ‘re now recording a LP (Long Play) .

5. I noticed you got a lot of shows in Spain .When will you make yourselves known also in Japan ? When is it you ‘ll perform there too ?

Certainly after the LP’s release.


6. Personally , my favourite piece it ‘s” Kizu ” . Though , your new single ” Arde junto a mi ” impressed me . The lyrics are both in Japanese and Spanish. it was a smart move.What ‘s hidden behind the invitation ” Arde junto a mi ” ?

I chose this method because I wanted to compose music for everyone. For the fans of my former band that never listened my songs in the Castellan dialectand for those who understand this dialect.I won’t change my style of mixing Japanese with the Castellan dialect .I guess there will be many bands trying to imitate our style, but I don’t really care . Even though they ‘ll do it, we’ll always remain the pioners of this style.

7.Which do you think are the musical genres that inspired you mostly ?

Melodic deth metal from North of Europe and the traditional Japanese rock.

8. What is it that keeps you going on , advancing in your carrer? What’s the ” combustible ” of your will ?

Honestly I dont know . Composing music and playing the guitar feels exactly as the fundamental needs of eating and sleeping …which are irrplaceable from our lifes .

9. Recently , you started to work on your new album. Could you reveal to us the name of your new album?

Probably it will be called ” ESTE MOMENTO ” , but Im not sure .

10.Why did you choose ” In a SCAR ” as name of your band ? Your band concept is based on the idea of ” bleeding ” because of a love that left behind a scar?

Initialy , we did want our name to be ” SCAR”. However , there already was a band with that name So yeah , from the very first beginning I wanted to express the „scar ” left in my thoughts .

11. Have you ever felt afraid being on stage ? Do you feel nervous before going on the stage ?

I never passed through this .Before making my appearance on the stage I get slightly nervous , but it is only for two minutes . Then it disspears . I never felt afraid and this because I performed many times on the stage. I surpassed the number of 300 , which are my stage appearences .

12.What ‘s your message for our readers ?

Before you say you like or not our style ,check out our music video If you like it , then listen also our songs . If you dont , then introduce us your favorite band . ahaha

                      *We thank you to Junichi and his bandmates for the cooperation *


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