12301557_1663785090528602_6353075668138376124_n 1.It’s nice to meet you everyone. Could you please introduce yourselves?

Hi, we are a symphonic metal band from Beijing, China. There are five members in the band: Gabrielle the vocalist, Cheney the keyboardist, Zhenxiao Lei the drummer,  Fanyu Liu the bassist and Run Shen the guitarist.

2.Silent Elegy is quite new in the Chinese music scene  since was founded in 2013.  How did all start for you ?

The bassist, the former guitarist and Cheney were all interested in this type of music, and they had some originals but they didn’t have a vocalist. Silent Elegy was official formed when our first vocalist joined in 2013.

3. You guys  took part to China  University  Battle Band  in 2014 and in 2015 to Chang Jiang Music Festival. Which from these two was the best experience?

We had the best experience in Chang Jiang Music Festival, which was one of the biggest music festival in China. We performed with many well-established national and international bands. It was a great learning experience.

4.Gabrielle’s  powerful yet delicate voice altogether with the  symphonic metal sound created by your instruments  makes up an wonderful story .  Speaking about stories, what’s your musical concept about?

Our music is mostly about romance and love in general. There are a lot of comparison and contrast in our lyrics, such as live and death, and good and evil.

 5.What can you tell us about your debut album“Gone With The  Wind” ?

We have spent an immense amount of effort into making this album. We are lucky to have our families and fans to support us. I’ve got also the luck ,to find a great music producer from Toronto, Canada, who has given us a lot of help. This album is a milestone for us, and we hope it will be able to be well-received in the music industry.

6. What do fans mean for Silent Elegy?

Our fans are our motivation to keep putting out great music, and our mirror that enables us to keep ourselves on the right track.

7. What do you think is most important for an artist to accomplish?

There is no end for arts. The most important thing is to believe in ourselves and never forget where we come from.


8.Recently,  you participated to Wacken Metal Battle. How did it feel be there ? Was it a tight competition?  

We took the contest seriously, and learned that there are a lot of things that we need to improve.

9.Have you thought about performing in Europe too in the near future?

We definitely would want our music to be appreciated internationally, but currently we are very engaged in improving ourselves.

10. Which from your songs do you think you could identify with?

„Redemption” is one of the iconic songs in our album, where desperation and love, and angels and devils are the main theme.

11.  You describe your style as being a conversation between an evil and an angel.  What’s the dominant side? The evil or the angel ?

There are some dark arts in our songs; although some might be said, angels are the dominant.

12. Which are Silent Elegy’s goals?

Our goal is to be an internationally up-to-par metal band.

13.  Do you live your life by a motto? If yes , what‘s your motto?  Do you strive to perfection?

Be persistent, and don’t forget where we come from. We can’t be perfect, but we can always be better.

14.Are there any up-to-date performances plans or news?

We will be touring China in the second half of 2016.

15.  What‘s your message  for everyone out there finding out just now about  Silent Elegy?

I hope you can keep supporting us and following our updates. We will bring even better materials in our next album.

 *Thank you to Silent Elegy for the interview and the cooperation *

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