12063423_676700425798831_2458924312811740129_n1.Please introduce yourselves to the readers of Ajia no Tengoku.

Hi! My name is Kouta from Thouasnd  Eyes.Thousand Eyes is from Japan,  melodic deathrash metal band.

2.THOUSAND EYES has been founded in October 2011.  How did you all meet?  What’s the story behind  THOUSAND EYES ?

All members already had known with each other, because each member had been at each band and we sometimes played at the same event.October 2011, I and Dougen made three demo songs just for fun.The songs were ‘Bloody Empire’, ‘Eternal Flame’, ‘Cardinal Sin’.After listended to them, we were very excited and we decided to be a band.I asked Akira, Toru, Juhki to join our band, because they had good personality and good play.

3.What did you  do before you  got into the music industry?

Before I got into the music industry, I learned a technique of recording engineer, music theory, and how to manage a band.

4.If you ‘d have to choose a song from all your songs ,which one would you choose? Which from your songs do you like to perform the most?

I choose ‘One Thousand Eyes’, because this song has all elements of me.Also I’d like to perform ‘Eternal Flame’, because of best guitar solos.

5.What’s the meaning of your band ‘s name?

There is no important meaning.I love a song tilted ‘1,000 eyes’ from ‘Death’, so I named ‘Thousand Eyes’.This is just the reason.


6.Please tell us more about your musical concept.

We just use violent vocals, and crying guitar.We never use vocal melodies like other melodic death metal bands.I think the violent riffs are also very important to emphasize the guitar melodies.I don’t like “just fast” guitar solos, so I make guitar solos from melodies, and a little bit fast play.

7. Describe your music in three words.

Despair, lamentation, and violence.

8. If THOUSAND EYES  would be a story  starting with “ Once upon a time …” ,which would be the climax point from the story?

We haven’t met the climax yet.We are rising a upslope now.

9.What artists are you proud to say you shared the stage with?

Volcano, Cross Vein, Mardelas.

10.Speak to us about the ‘ ENDLESS NIGHTMARE ‘, the album you released recently.

I think this albam has more various songs from ‘Bloody Empire’.Title track ‘Endless Nightmare’ is a song about a theme of reincarnation of human.The ending song ‘One Thousand Eyes’ is a song about us.Dougen had a diseace of  the vocal cord, he couldn’t even talk for half a year.But we believed that we would come back, and he came back.This is the story of ‘One Thousand Eyes’.

11. I heard about the  BOTTOM Fest2015. On the event will  take part  also GYZE and Mary’s Blood. What do you think about their performance?

 BOTTOM Fest  2015 haven’t come yet. But ,I think both GYZE and Mary’s Blood are beautiful and strong band.

12.Which do you think was the most crazy experience from your entire career?

Japan EXPO 2011 was very exciting.

13.How and when did you decide music it’s what you wish for?

I don’t know, because I was here when I noticed.

14.The cover of the album “ ENDLESS  NIGHTMARE “ looks interesting.  What could tell us about it?  Except  the ‘ endless nightmare “ , what else did you want to express through this cover?

Because I just told the title ‘Endless Nightmare’ to a designer , this is the realized image of the album which a designer listened to.

I want each of you to interpret this cover.

“She may be having an endless nightmare”, “She must be a reaper in an endless nightmare”, and so on.

15.A few words for your fans? What about those who just have  heard about your band ?

I’m glad if you enjoy our albums!

Thank you.

*We thank you to Kouta and the band for accepting to be interviewed *

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