397897_592077607477195_1606278465_nThe album cointains 6 song tracks each of it being tied one by one and holding a certainmeaning.
It starts with the dynamic piece”Nothing” and keeps the powerful cadence of the guitar,bass and drums with ”A.T.A, an auto time adjuster that increases the alert rythm and the vocalis’ s voice comes to complete the scene.
Returning to its roots , the metalic sound of the instruments recreates the idea of”Native World” and future.
A positive aura wraps the background with „Morning come’ and little by little everything slows down, the soloist ‘s almost fading voice whispering.
”Cross time”highlights the dreams concerning the future that can be found as theme in”Native World” ,bringing up also the promise to reach the path that is leading to theplace the character from the lyrics is striving for.
You find the answer in the last stop of the initiation cycle and the confidence is buildingup , the feeling of it ‘s just ”Over the way ”expressed through the strong and high notes played by the guitarist in the final part of the melody.
All in all , it is a beautiful masterpiece that is worth to be listened ,pieces you will notget enough of.
So, if you are in the search of your dream and you didn’t find yet your answer you ‘ll get it once you ‘ll listen to ” STRAGRAPH”and a feeling of positiviness will envelop you .


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