1.Please introduce yourselves to the readers of Ajia no Tengoku and speak a little about yourself.

Readers of Aiji no Tengoku, hello! This is Twin, vocalist of SOUNDWITCH. SOUNDWITCH is an industrial rock band based in Japan.

2.I can say that the image of SOUNDWITCH it is really appealing. It is not only about the outfits, but also the catchy musical style.  Once you pronounce the name SOUNDWITCH it is like you enter on a different “musical territory”. When was the band founded? And how did you guys meet?

Thank you very much.Depending on the situation and surroundings of the listener, there are many different ways you can hear our music. If you combine the ways we can change our visual image, you can see how the impressions of our music can also continue to change. We have many tricks.If you keep in mind that there are always various factors coming together to affect the heart, the initial sound might first affect you one way, and then the visual image affect you in a different way. We think that combination is fun.The band was formed quite a while ago. The guitarist Dragon and I started the band.When we first started, we wanted to do a band that had a combination and heavy and digital sounds. When you add in the other members who have joined and add their personalities into the mix and you get the style we have now.I have to mention that SOUNDWITCH seems somehow related to the Wiccan style. Does it have any tie with it? How did you come up with this name?
Dragon came up with the name of the band back when we were just starting.  When he was out driving, the name SOUNDWITCH seemed to come to him in a flash.I’m not sure, but before SOUNDWITCH, Dragon and I were music-friends and saw each other in different bands. Maybe he saw me as I sang on stage and I reminded him of a witch.Rather than having any religious association the idea behind SoundWitch was that the listener would be enchanted by the magic of a female vocalist.  “Majyo” (Witch in Japanese), was what felt right, and “witch” is what it came to be.  I really liked the name.


3.The album “ Romanesque“ it‘s a masterpiece and deserves to be called a hit. I ‘m curious and I ‘d like to know what’s the theme of this album. How about the musical concept? What does consist in your musical concept?

The album Romanesque is, I think for all of us and album of various styles pulled together. A highlight of the album is each song is a composition rich with many faces.For example, one song can have a really live band sound, twisted with an inorganic and mechanical synth. Back that with dramatic melodies and a constant beat for a slow yet tough impression, and then add a coquettish vocal or effect on top.The listener can listen to what they want to, and depending on the listener, the same song can give an entirely different impression. Regardless of how many times you listen to the same song, you can make a new discovery. This is also one of the major concepts behind the album.A composition is just like a good perfume, right?Depending on who is wearing it, the type of day, and the climate, the same fragrance can be completely different.This, for us is our challenge. This is the “possibility of music”.An old song, new song, Japanese song, foreign song… Regardless of genre, all great music can be respected. Each person can,in their own way interpret and make up the composition.

4.What’s the story behind SOUNDWITCH’s big success? How do you define the success?

“Success” has a very wide definition. For us, we feel that even after we’ve died, through many listeners SOUNDWITCH’s music can continue on living forever.
Our goal for while we are still here is, for us to continue to perform not only in Japan but overseas as well, and to make it on the billboard charts. If we were to do that, that could be called “success”, right?


5.How do you see the relationship between artists and their fans? What’s the relationship between you and your fans?

To me our fans are our greatest treasure. They are our pride.For Twin, the vocalist of SOUNDWITCH,fans are a necessary part of maintaining an important, living environment.
I think for music, an abstract vibration in the air to sync up for a faceless unknown person is a kind of a miracle.  To be able to take music, something that transcends beyond time and place, and use it, to be able to link with fans one-to-one is amazing.


6. What can we expect from SOUNDWITCH’s part for the next year? Any new releases for the year 2016?

I can’t give any details yet but recently during our shows we have been reveling several new songs.When the timing is right, we will make plans for a release.Regarding our tour, wehave some interesting things planned, so please look forward to it!


7. As artists, is there something in particular you hope to be able to As artists, is there something in particular you hope to be able to accomplish? So, what you ‘d like to accomplish? Why??  So, what you‘d like to accomplish? Why?

SOUNDWITCH’s music is for the listener, always both a timely and timeless thing.The listener’s age, thinking, environment, mental state… The everyday changing life of a listener is a like a close personal story, a territory, that as artists we want to snuggle up to and “invade and corrode away at.”To do that means that when we physically leave this world, the existence of SOUNDWITCHv will continue living through our listeners. This is our wish.


8.How do you see yourselves over 5 years? What about the future of SOUNDWITCH?

We would like to have shows not only in Japan, but overseas as well.In five years, we would like to participate in large festivals in front of huge audiences.


9.Which is your best ability as artist?
Regardless of the song, I sing with a catchy voice full of character and have a strong melodic sense.


10. Which is the best memory from your childhood?
It’s a secret.


11.What do you want to transmit through your lyrics?

My lyrics tell the stories of some of the various people I’ve met, people who are like protagonists in their own written story. Various types of characters exist, and they all face sympathy, criticism, and irony. Looking inside the world, it can be surprising how many various types of people exist.  I think it is good to feel these experiences again.


12. What do you want your fans to feel when they‘re listening to your music?

I want a sense of emotion to touch them. When they listen they can feel freely and cherish the sensation

13.If you could change something and create a better world, what would that thing be? And why?

I would want to make a world that isn’t made by just one person, but a world that would come together, one by one, person by person.In a “group”, you can lock your Self away, each individual can think a lot about, and ascertain what “truth” is for themselves. By looking at others, outside of your Self, each individual can reaffirm existence. I think it is important to face others without abandonment with this way of thinking and speaking.The world isn’t something for me to change, but something for individuals to recognize and take responsibility for. It’s a place for each person to grow.

 14.What’s your message for the readers of Ajia no Tengoku and your fans?

Thank you for reading the article to the end!To those who have yet to see SOUNDWITCH live or hear our music, make sure to check us out!We also have some music videos on YouTube.Make sure to come see us live, and we’ll give you a delightful nightmare!


* Thanks goes to Twin and her band for having been so nice and for  accepting to interview them*

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