1.Please introduce yourselves to our readers .

RIEL : Hello, we are RoaR, a visual rock band of Korea. We’re aiming for a style like X-Japan, GLAY, and the Gazette, which are very popular in Japan.

2. RoaR it is the first  neo visual rock  Korean band I ‘ve heard about.It is interesting and I’d like to know how did you come up with this idea of founding a visual rock band . Where did your wish  of being  the first Korean visual rock band come from?

TOA : The bands that have influenced all of our members are 90’s visual bands like X-Japan, Luna sea, and Janne da arc. And we wanted to be like those musicians.

3. The name of your band ” RoaR ” inspires somehow powerfulness ,remembering by the „roar ” of a powerful lion.

RIEL : It also means roar of pleasure, impression and trembling. RoaR was named to make you feel raptures of joy with our music on the stage, like a tie-breaking goal in soccer.

4. RoaR is focusing on the triade  Live-Visual-Art. What could you tell us about youru musical concept?

Robyn : Our music always starts with stories. Our songs are drawn up with stories of each member .The  composition itself  creates a harmony between the tunes and  those stories.

5. Are you planning any surprises  for your fans in Europe ? Perhaps a tour in Europe ?

TOA : If we get a chance, we can’t wait to go to Europe!! We want to meet our fans in Europe who know Asian music and our band.

ToRa : Of course we always want to go abroad, but it’s not a surprise anymore if we go public in advance, isn’t it? Please wait a little longer until we show you a surprise!

6. ” One for all ” and ” All for one „. Is it this by chance the creed of your band?

RIEL : Yes. RoaR  is ALL and ONE at the same time.

7.On December  15 you ‘ll release the 1st mini album ” Scarlet „. Please tell us more about it.What’s the theme of this album?

TOA : It’s a storytelling album on the theme of waiting. The lyrics are about sadness, absence, and painted in red. The name of the album ‘Scarlet’ is also the name of our fan club.

[저용량] 로아 2015 하반기

8.  You guys took part to a few rock festivals , such as ” Green  blue Rock Festival ” . Which of those  festivals was more important for you ?

TOA :Roys x NEMESIS gig where we performed as an opening guest. It was the first time we’re introduced to the world.

Robyn : I remember performing with Roys, a Japanese visual rock band.

ToRa : The first gig for me as a member of RoaR was the most impressive memory. I was very nervous because it was a large performance.

RIEL : Busan Rock Festival that we performed this summer.

Mormot : A performance with Roys. It was the first gig for me as a member of RoaR.

9. Please tell us how you guys did meet.  Ddid you know each other since before?

RoaR : We were in other bands and some were disbanded at fortuitous times. And RoaR had some positions to fill at that time so we gathered and decided to make out something new.

10.As artists which do you consider was your biggest challenge , but also the biggest achievement?

TOA : To let more people know our name, figures, and music. And to keep our present mind which’s full of joy to play music together.

ToRa : Producing an album and exclusive concert. We’ve been concentrating on these two things these days. We want to grow more so that we can meet our global fans in the future.

11.  Who did inspire you  reach this far as artists ?

TOA : hide, L’arc~en~ciel, Acid Black Cherry, Luna sea, Mucc, SIAM SHADE

Robyn : Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, Hide & SUGIZO of X-Japan, HISASHI of Glay, URUHA of The Gazette


ToRa : Hide of X-JAPAN, MIYAVI

Mormot : Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers, JUNJI of Siam Shade

12. How ‘s the life of an artist ?  Please tell us more.

TOA : It motivates me. The joy I feel when performing, releasing an album, and watching our fans blows all the hardships away. My life wouldn’t be like this without music.

Robyn : I’d like to say someone who thinks countlessly, draws sympathy, and tell stories.

ToRa : I want to be a musician who can give dreams to people.

RIEL : I’d be satisfied if anyone can be consoled thanks to our music.

Mormot : I don’t think the lifes  of artists are different from those of ordinary people. I just want to live a life without regrets.

13.What’s the funniest thing that did happen to you ?

RoaR : Busan Rock Festival! We remember audience not only from Korea ,but from foreign countries swarmedand  made us feel extremely excited. The global audience impressed us with slam, rampageous cheering, and request for an encore.

14.  In the end , what would you like to transmit to Ajia no Tengoku ‘s readers and all your fans?

TOA :Ajia no Tengoku!! Nice to meet you. We’re very impressed and happy that you’re cheering us from a distance. Hope we can meet and see and greet each other someday! See you!!

Robyn : We want you to listen and sympathize our stories that will be continued.

ToRa : I never expected are global fans of RoaR out there. I was so impressed. We’ll make efforts to meet you as soon as possible. Thank you!

RIEL : Even from a distance, we’d like to become one with our music beyond the borders. Thank you! We’ll be right there to perform for you someday!

Mormot : We, RoaR, will never miss a trick. Just keep watching and cheering us!

*Our thanks goes to TOA, Robyn, ToRa and RIEL for the interview *

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