Please introduce yourself to Ajia no Tengoku ‘s readers.

Hi ! We are RiSING STYLE, a J-Rock band from Paris

2.It is great to see many bands get inspired by the Japanese rock style. First , have been artists from Sweden such as YOHIO, Switzerland and now France. I only knew about  HYBRIDS, as the first  French band inspired by the  J-rock and Visual kei style.  But I am  glad to see many bands following this genre. How did  RiSING STYLE form?   When did you make your debut?

Well, as a musician I’m playing in this “J-music scene” in France since 2009 and I’ve also seen this style growing up in France. At the beginning we were sooo alone haha. Now I’m proud to see other bands playing that kind of music in our country.

We formed RiSING STYLE unofficially in July 2014 only to play 2 lives in South of France but we begun officially at the beginning of September 2014.

3.What does the name “ RiSING STYLE “ stand for?

We don’t want to always do the same things and we already know that we’re still growing up and that our music style will change and evolve, that’s why we chosen this name.

The artists that influence you are Girugamesh,ONE OK ROCK, Fear , and Loathing in Las Vegas and SuG.

 4.The rhythm  and style of the  song “ WAKE UP”  remembers me about ONE OK ROCK. Tell us  more about this single “ WAKE UP “ . What’s the theme of the single ?

Yes, we’re really influenced by the actual Japanese Rock scene. Wake up ! is a song about living at 100%, especially to enjoy the time we have as our last heartbeats.

5.Your Japanese pronounciation it ‘s really good. Are you fluent in Japanese?

Not yet haha ! But thank you !

6.I can say that “ Ellegarden ” it ‘s my favourite . It ‘s really catchy. Is this song also part of the single “ WAKE UP”?

Ellegarden and Wake Up are 2 different singles which will be part of our 1st full album.

7.How did you meet your bandmates? Did you know each other since before?

At the beginning, I met the 1st guitarist at a train station haha ! And Haru (the current guitarist) is a great friend from a long time. If I remember well, I met him at an AnimeCon in Switzerland where I played with my previous band in 2013.

8.I ‘d like to know how has been welcomed RiSING STYLE in France. Speak us about it. Would you like to tour outside France?

The band was really well welcomed. I remember we begun working on it seriously at the beginning of September 2014. 2 weeks later we released our 1st MV and then we announced our 1st nationwide tour. Right now, we were focused on France because it was easier for us but we really take pleasure to play outside of France, speaking in English on stage haha ! For the moment we only did it once during an AnimeCon where they were not speaking French.

9. What plans has RiSING STYLE for the future?

We’re now focused on our 3rd single because the line-up will completely change from the beginning. I’m gonna leave the band for an other singer because I have some projects in Japan that I have to achieve and I won’t have enough time for the band.

But I’ll still work for the band, I will continue writing songs for them.

10. Which has been the first challenge you confronted with as artist?

As a young artist, it’s always difficult to find our own musical identity. I remember for RiSING STYLE it was such a long process, trying a lot of songs to define it well.


11.Would you consider a collaboration with a Japanese band if you ‘d receive this type of proposal? What artist ir band would you like that be?

Obvisouly yes, we would be glad to do that kind of things. We already have some proposal but honestly we don’t have enough time for the moment. We are focused on playing live 1st, we played more than 20 shows for our 1st year of activity and that’s the reason why we’re doing this band, playing our songs live !

12.New Year’s close. What your resolution for the next year?

Playing more !! Haha !

13.How do you see the music industry from France? Could you compare it with the Japanese music industry? Which are the the differences in your opinion?

Our country is not really focused on Rock music. It’s more about Rap and Pop / Electro music. In my mind, there is so much more Rock in the Japanese music industry than in France.

14.A few words for the readers of Ajia no Tengoku and your fans?

Please listen to our music if you have the opportunity to. If you like it, come to our show, we’ll soon play worldwide !!

*Thank you to Zack for the cooperation *

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