” DERNIER PARADIS ACT 1″ has been released on April 1, 2008.
Itsef, this album is a book illustrating chapter by chapter the story of a forgotten mysterious past.
” The Prologue ‘ introduces you to the era in which the action took place. The sound of the rain and the rain drops that are pouring over the entire nature, the sudden door knocks , that voice of the narrator and the dramatic piano musical arrangement are meant to captivate you and to enhance your imagination.
” La verite fermee” it is the first chapter that reveals the ” closed truth” , hid by the humainkind, the ” Lost Melody’s ” secret.
The untold secret slips out and brings the ” light of illusion”. The monologue of the soloists and the choir accompanied by the triad : guitar , oboe and flute, are releasing the melody from ” the chain of the past „.
” Iris” starts with the sound of a river and the sad chirping of a lonely bird . The tempo slows down, the male voice shows up again , the flute, piano and oboe returning to complete the background and to lament the suffering of those caught in the spell of the ” lost melody” and that can no longer come back to their own senses. In the refrain and at the end of the song the guitar’s notes add color to the human’s sensivity represented by the iris.
” Ouverture de la soiree” continues the dream induced by the melody. The orchestra and choir come to ” escort” the lonely voice of the vocalist in the musical universe , animating the atmosphere with elegant accords.
” Inishie no toki yori maioroshi monotachi” represents a requiem dedicated to all those lost in the deep sleep of the mistique melody, those who dared to awake the ancient destiny. The main role in this piece it ‘s played by the organ pipe and the choir that are offering a prayer to the souls of those fallen in the eternal sleep.
The soprano voice comes out from nowhere to follow up the male soloist, not forgetting to bring in the scene again the triad : fluete , oboe and guitar.
” Fiore ” and „… Avec la viellie melodie ” are announcing the farewell of ” the chosen ones” , leaving behind the memories of the loved ones and their smiles to join the Paradise.
” DERNIER PARADIS ACT 1″ it is a story filled with elegant musical arrangements , sweet drama and beautiful visual images very meticulously created.
The overflowing creativity of the composer stimulates the imagination and offers you the chance to travel to places you never thought you could reach only listening to a piece.
It would be unfair to say it is a masterpiece. In fact, it is the perfection itself , not only from musical point of view, but also from literary point of view concerning the narrative thread of the action that flows clearly and netly.
Are you a classic music lover, but you enjoy too the rock? Now, you got the both mixed in the best combination: symphonic-rock- opera.
Take the challenge! Challenge perfection and listen to Lacroix Despheres’ ” DERNIER PARADIS ACT 1″ , the key to the unknown world that it ‘s waiting for you.

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