1 .Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello. My name is Kazuha Oda. I am a singer/songwriter and bassist of the band Kazha. I born in Japan and am traveling with my band right now J

2.You guys made your debut in September 2009 in Japan. The band was founded in Los Angeles, California.  Why did you choose to make your debut in Japan?

We were in Los Angeles with other business, and it just happened to start Kazha while we were there because we had lots of free time…lol After we got back home from Los Angeles, had our first recording, and got an offer from a label in Japan to release EP, so it just happened to debut in Japan before anywhere else.But since we are all born in Japan, so I think we made a right decision.

3.How did youmeetHideki and Motoki? What’s Kazha‘s story?

We’ve all worked together in the past, before Kazha, especially Hideki, I’ve worked with him for a long time.Hmmm…Kazha’s story is a loooong one… Keeping up with the band is never easy compare to being a solo, and being abroad makes it even more difficult. But all I can say is that it (being in Kazha) always makes me realize that things always happen the way they supposed to be…. It’s not easy at all to move forward, but I believe Kazha is going to the right direction, so we just need to keep our chin up .

4.The EP “Breathe Through Your Dreams” gives you the feeling of really “breathing through” when comes about your goals, it sounds like a motivation. Are these the words that motived you reach this far? Speak us about this EP.

It was the first song for us to release to the public, so I came up with those words. I believe you always have a goal to achieve one thing, and when you reach it, you make that goal even farther to get higher. I don’t think I’ve reached any far yet and so it doesn’t relate to any of my position right now, but it was definitely a motivation that took me to release that very first EP. And I still feel the same way… so YES, those are the words that motivates me.

5.Tell us more about yourself. Have you been active before in another bands?

I was a solo singer but also worked with another band before.

6.I ‘d like to ask Hideki, you are the original member of Kazha,how is it to be in a band. Is it difficult to be in a band? When did you start your career as musicians?

Hideki: Lot’s of fun. It’s definitely not easy but I think nothing is easy, and I choose what I believe even if it’s something difficult.I think I started the career as musician around 2005.


7.“Evolution“ it‘s your second album. What‘s the theme of this album? Is it related to Kazha’s evolution as band?

It is related to Kazha’s evolution too. But there is a girl/boy (gender is depending on the listener) in both first and second album, and it’s actually the evolution of her/his life from the first album.

8.We found out that for the year 2016 you already have scheduled some performances to events to such events as CollossalCon, Katsucon and Kotoricon. Are you going to release a new album or single too?

Yes, we are going to. Hopefully releasing around April.

9.What do you want to transmit through your music? What could you tell us about your musical concept?

I think I’m more of a story teller type.So, more than just writing one concept, I want to tell many different stories and feelings that human could experience in their lives.

10.Which was the biggest challenge from your life?

What I’m doing right now. LOL

11. How was the year 2015 for you?

It was a busy year, but also was the time for me to wait patiently.


12.In a interview you stated that you used to do theater.  Which feels more intense?  Music or theater?  And why?

Theater is intense in a way because you need to focus on being the person of your role no matter what.It’s hard to choose, but I think Music feels more intense for me. I have to do so many parts like writing, producing, promoting… I can’t just be there to perform. It is intense in a way that I need to focus on so many things. And also, with music, I don’t want to act someone else. I grew up singing, and so I do this to be myself. But at the same time, I need to be a performer… I can not explain but it is intense!

13.As a child you trained your voice and that it was what your parents were wishing for you.Is the talent for music running in the family? If you ‘d have to choose again between music and theater, what would you choose?

None of my family really did music except my mom’s aunt… my parents lead me to classic because I wanted to become a singer. I guess they believed that I needed to be classically trained no matter what genre I will choose.I will definitely choose music again .

14. A few words for our readers ?

Thanks for reading my interview until the end! If you’ve never listened to our music, I appreciate that you take a moment to do so .I believe we are one of the most friendliest bands, so please don’t hesitate to come say hi if we ever perform in your city!*

*Thank you to Kazuha , Hideki and to the entire band for their cooperation with us *

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