12122586_188269538174027_8502642489686104517_n1.Please introduce yourselves to Ajia no Tengoku ‘s readers and tell us a few words about you .
Re:i – I’m Re:i, the vocalist and lyrics writer of Jack Rose.
Aki – I’m Aki, keyboardist and composer.

2. I ‘m honored to interview such an old band with so many years of activity. How does it feel to return on the stage? Did you miss being on the stage?
Re:i – I’m very happy to return to the stage and resume activity because it’s only on stage that I live, I feel that I had to come back in order to come home!
Aki – It’s been three years of hiatus, but there’s a feeling like Jack Rose didn’t stop. When standing on stage again three years later it feels like we are continuing right away from where we paused back then.

3. Concerning the past of the band and your entire career, if you could go back in time would you change something? If yes what would that be? And why?
Re:I – For me, there’s nothing big in particular I would like to change! Probably now we have a deeper understanding of the old songs and can sing it more straightforward.
Aki – We wanted to live in the search of Jack Rose’s sound. The core didn’t change at all, it evolved and we wanted to go with it.

4. Passing through a lot with your band, which do you think it’s the most important thing to learn in this life? What’s your advice of the bands that are at the beginning, since there have been many disbandment’s lately?
Re:I – I usually don’t talk about things like these but an advice to everyone starting a new band now is: Do it without fear of failure and you can do it!
Aki – I think it’s important to achieve what you want to do in life with your own strength and knowledge.

5. Which are your hobbies except the music?
Re:I – A long time from now, when I’m falling out of love to fiddle with a mobile or smartphone, I will die lol.
Aki:I have no particularly hobbies, but I like manga, like “Saint Seiya”, “Rurouni Kenshin” and recently “Shingeki no kyojin”.

6. What could you tell us about the period you guys have been part of your former bands?
Re:i – The members we had before that left did it because of difference in musical opinions. It’s one of the difficult choices, but each one choose to go strong with their different roads.
Aki – I think there were a variety of choices, which is not said to be correct, but I think that Jack Rose is what it is now because of its member change until now.

7. Pick up please a few songs from all your songs and speak about it.
Re:i – I firstly would recommend the song “Shikuretto Meru” (Secret mail), which is also our new music video! Before that we made a MV for the song “Regret” that I also love. I like the rock songs where the tension goes up by singing!
Aki : To me I think and hope that songs strongly express what human conflict is like in counter electrodes, like passion and calm. In that sense it‘s songs like “Himawari” and love songs like “DeeP ~ ~ kare kara no meseji “that I like.

8. Who of you two is in charge with the lyrics ? How about the musical arrangement?
Re:i – Lyrics are done by me! The term of the lyric content is 20% experience and 80% delusions lol.
Aki – I compose the music. Playing it live makes you imagine a video.

9. We heard you already have prepared a concert in November for the Japanese fans. Do you have in your plans also a surprise for the European fans?
Re:I – For now there is nothing planned for Europe but I would absolutely like to go rampage on a live over there if an opportunity should arise!
Aki – Although there are only activities in Japan now, we would like to deliver Jack Rose’s music in various places and also would like to perform in Europe.

10. Tell us more about your album “B-REAK “.
Re:i – This album has become the first best of album for Jack Rose! As the title of the album, it was made with the feeling of wanting to make something new in order to break the past! It’s newly re-recorded this time but I really like it because it includes new arrangement, new support team and also the new Jack Rose!
Aki:I think that it was good for it to be released to put a break to the trajectory of the past that accumulated during the three years of hiatus. The sound is more modern and I think that it became a very satisfied piece.

11. Would you film a new MV now that you‘re back?
Re:i – This new PV “Secret Mail” that we made, we wanted it to carry out our resurrection. I really like the way of the texture and the world of the video.
Aki – I really like the “Secret Mail” MV. I think the entire filming, hair, makeup and costumes are good looking.

12. What expectations do you have from the coming year? Which are your resolutions?
Re:i – The new year does not change the base of the music of Jack Rose on its own! However for our activities and strategy, I want this year to be another year of change. If we evolve I think it’s also reflected in the music.
Aki – The music axis is unchanged, but I want to deliver the original sound of Jack Rose to a lot of people. For that reason, I want to do many lives.

13. What do you want people to feel when they listen to your music? Could you choose a color to describe your music?
Re:i – The reason that I listen to music is for example when I want to cheer up or raise tension. I would like everyone who listens to Jack Rose, even if they don’t know us, to feel it like the wind, because I want to be a supplement basis lol. There is a variety of colors in Jack Rose’s music so it’s hard to express!
Aki – I don’t know how people feel when listening to music, but I think that when you hear the sound of Jack Rose it becomes the same feeling as to hearing a concert. The color of Jack Rose is black if I must choose.

14. A message for your fans and our readers?
Re:i – Nice to meet you Europe! A long time ago in my younger days, I awoke to the Heavy Metal/Hard Rock scene of Europe, so I believe I should thank the European music scene! Now, I want everyone in Europe to like us and listen to the music that was created for you. We will definitely come for a European tour someday so please wait for it. When that time comes, please come to see Jack Rose!
Aki – As I love the European music scene, I’m looking forward to the day to be able to do a live show where that music was born. Since always, we try to deliver more wonderful music. Let’s meet one day at a concert!

*Thanks goes to Aki and Re:i for the chance of interviewing them*

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