1.Together with Yuki  Aneyoshi you form the duo  I-ai. This name it is really unique. At first I thought it was related to Iai, an abbreviation from Iaijutsu , a combative  quick –draw sword technique used  in the past by the samurais. How did you come up with this name? What does actually I-ai mean ?
I-ai- has three meanings.
„I” is the nummer 9 in the alphabet, for example, if you turn number 8 vertically it’s meaning is infinity, number 9 turned vertically becomes  infinity and more.
Second: „I” is the initial of my friend who passed away.
Third: The Japanese word „Ai” means love and also the color deep blue, same color as I imagine the universe.

2. V.I.P means  Vocalist –I-ai  Project. The  purpose of this  project consists in the collaboration with people from  the whole world .  With what bands would you like to  collaboratewith in particular?
I don’t have any special wish in this regard. As long as they are good musicians everyone is welcome.

3. Im curious and I ‘d like to know how  did your career start. In what  bands  have you been active before?  How have you met Yuki?
No I haven’t, only I-ai-, but with different members. I met Yuki first time when I lived in Iwate 2004. I was looking for a guitarist so I advertised on Internet, Yuki happened to see that and we met at a restaurant.

4.You stated in a interview  between you and Yuki there’s a chemical  mix.  Have  you felt  this connection  between you two since you guys met? Could you describe  this energy that ties you two  one by another?

Maybe the easiest way to describe it is with Yin and Yang, light and shadow. We complete each other in I-ai- and I-ai- can’t be done if we are not together.

5. In August 2014  the band  CRESTILLION  performed  in the opening  of your concert from Stockholm.  What ‘s your opinion  about their musical skills?

Very good and cute.

6. We heard  that behind your  musical career  there  is a  story involving the wish of a friend.  Please tell us more about it.

I played guitar and my childhood friend was a vocalist in same high school band as me. After he suddenly past away, I decided to become a vocalist to carry his wish forward together with me.
7. I noticed  you  are very  opened to  new things. Have you ever  thought to try  out kendo ? Speaking of  swordmanship, do you believe the samurai spirit is still present in the heart  of the Japanese people? What about you ?
Actually I trained Kendo for 8 years, both in and outside school so I have a way of „Bushido” or samurai spirit. I think that samurai spirit still is the core in our customs and behaviors. But not necessarily in every Japanese person.

8. You toured in France and Sweden so far. You announced that Romania will be included in also in the  “SOMA  ESSENTIAL TOUR “. Why did you choose Romania?
Truthfully, I didn’t. Because my manager looks over the tour schedule and she got in touch with a Romanian booker. But I’m really happy that I can go there for show! It’s a very beautiful and interesting country. Thank you for having me! ^^

9. When you say Romania which are the first words that are coming to your mind?

10.You released  a few songs in another foreign languages.  Would  you write  a song also in Romanian?
A: If you want it, yes.
11.The single  “ Perfect LOVE ~Mon Amour “  took my attention. How  do you describe the perfect love?  What ‘s your point of view  regarding love in this single?
Forever lasting love. The single is a tribute to couples that do their best to keep moving forward together.

12.  You ‘re good at cooking.  What speciality from the Japanese cuisine  do you ussualy  prepare for your friends ?
Japanese style curry.

13.  “ The  Romance of the Three Kingdoms “ it ‘s your favouritebook.  What’s the character  you  identify mostly from that book?
Ryubi Gentoku

14.Your best memory is sitting in the basket of your  grandmother’s basket.  Could you speak to us about your childhood?
I had a good childhood. My grandparents and brother took care of me a lot because my parents were very busy, I was never lonely.

15.In the end  please say a few words to all the Jrock lovers  that are waiting for you in  Romania.

My SOMA ESSENTIAL TOUR vol.1 semi final is in Romania so, let’s burn together and make it an awesome show!

*Our thanks to Jessica and Hiroaki for taking their time with the interview and for the cooperation*

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