1. Once you reached to Tokyo, where did you start from? I imagine that being by yourself in a big city and not knowing anyone must have been tough . Or did you have any friends in Tokyo?

I stayed around Shinjuku first two years. That time I didn’t have any friends in Tokyo.  But soon I made friends with some music related people and different bands members. I was lucky.

2. It says that you must have the music in your veins to be able become a famous artist.How was in your case? When did you make the contact with the music for the first time?

 My first concert was in Nagano in 1997. One of our band members organized a show for us. It was a really good experience of organizing an event.

3. The first band you joined to was Lucid bare inu. How did you meet the guys from Lucid  bare inu? Please tell us more about the period you have been part of  Lucid  bare inu.

 One of that band members and me had a common friend.

That friend’s name is Shiun. He was a support drummer for Lucid bare inu for few month then.

He told me that the band is looking for a guitarist. „If you are interested please join the band” – he said.

Then I met the vocalist and joined the band.

Shiun is still a good friend of mine. During my sumer solo tour 2015 we visited Russia with 11 shows together.

4. Turning back to the time you were just a kid . When and how did you know music it is what you wish for ? Is it the talent for music running in the family?

 When I was in junior high school my friends presented me a blue guitar.

Then I started playing guitar. That was my first time playing a music instrument.

5. We ‘ve noticed you ‘re working hard for the next year. What should we expect from you for the coming  year?

 Next year I will visit many new countries with my new music.

Actually I’m really expecting it and excited about it too.

Let’s enjoy everything together when we meet somewhere next year.

6. Every artist  has his own musical style. What’s yours ? What could you tell us about your musical concept?

 Since I started my path in music my motto has always been „I LOVE ME” . Well, my music concept became „i LOVE …..” I think the first step to Love is loving yourself. It is important when you start loving someone else.

7. We heard you also collaborated with the session band TheJEAN . Please speak us about it .

 It was an amazing band. All the members were very talented. I enjoyed that short period with the band.

8. Your creativity has no boundaries  and does not include just music, but also the  modern arts. As praktikant of the modern arts , what masterpieces have you released?

I’m working on my music and I want to release an album and I wish that by the time I finish making it, it will become a masterpiece.


9.Speaking about art  I want to ask you  , what  side of the  Modern Arts are you mostly interested about. Do you have any favourite artist?

Sometimes Modern Art works carry a very deep meaning difficult for people to understand. We can’t understand the true meaning, I mean. Thus I like it. People feel free to  choose the meaning for the art works.
I like  Kazimir Malevich.

10. You’re so full  of surprises . You used to practice kickboxing. When is it you  took for the first time kickboxing lessons?  Would you see yourself as a kickboxer for real?  To involve into real competitions?

 Ahaha. First time it was my hair/make-up artist who taught me it. Then I got interested in it.
So one day I went to a gym. And there the coach said „You have to take off the piercings”. After that  kick boxing became my home fitness.  Haha.

11. Each songwriter  when comes about composing songs starts either with the lyrics or music. How about you ? What inspires yo u? Any muse in particular?

I need some key words and some melody before composing songs. My music is inspired by people, nature and universe in whole.

12.  We found out you will have a reunion meeting  with your former band ‘’MASK” .How do you feel about it? Do you feel  excited about being on the same stage with them once again?

 Yes I’m really excited about it. We separated almost 10 years ago.
The one night reunion day will be exactly the decade since then. It sounds like such an amazing day to come. Don’t miss it if you are in Japan in May 2016!!!!

13. Success is the key for everything . How do you define the success?

Talking about the easy part of success I could say „This is my private jet.” Ahaha. But the most important type of success is when after the show fans are smiling filled with positive emotions.

14.You ‘ve been in a European tour this year. Which of the countries you visited did you like  mostly ? What message do you have for all your European fans?

 Last year was Germany. It was three times in a year. All countries have very different cultures. Well I can’t name the best one for me.
This year I spent the most time in Ukraine I think. I visited it in early spring and in summer.
Last year it was Germany that I spent even more time in. I went there times that year. haha

So I want to thank my fans Thank you guys for always supporting me. Your messages enhance my creativity and motivation. I will bring you good music and you’ll have a good experience at my show.

I’m looking forward to meeting you one day. And of course I would like to visit Romania one day :-).

Thank you.

*Our thanks to  SANA for the cooperation and for accepting to be interviewed *



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