1. You’ve been part of the band HYBRIDS. In what bands have you been active before?
Mh… actually, I wasn’t that active before HYBRIDS. I tried to gather some people to make a band but they were not as ambitious as I thought so when I decided to give up, I found HYBRIDS.

2. During the time you‘ve been the vocalist of HYBRIDS you have collaborated with Anli Pollicino and Eat You Alive. How was it to collaborate with them? What do you think about their performances?
Well… HYBRIDS did collaborate with Anli Pollicino but I wasn’t in the party yet, but I did collaborate with EYA. We only met them just before the show. We didn’t have enough time to prepare ourselves and talk with them the first time but the second, we arrived earlier and so we had more time to prepare. So when we finished, we talked with the girl who did theirs makes up, then with the others. As a Japanese band, they were pretty good, better than we were at the moment. They had more experiences in this field than us and probably more prepared.

3. People would love to have the  lifestyle of an artist . Many of them would kill to be in your shoes. How does start or end the day from an artist‘s life?
I’m not sure what to say … so I’ll try to answer it. I think that everyone could be an artist by drawing for example. We grow up with music around us, with painting in front of us so each of us is already a potential artist. Some people decides to go in this way or another and becomes what they want to become.

4. Your English it’s perfect. Have you been living in Europe since you were a child or you moved from Japan later? How did you end living in France?
I wouldn’t say that my English is perfect but thanks. I read that my accent is weird but when I practice it with some strangers, I don’t have problems. But speaking in English and singing in English are not the same. I was born in France.

5. Please tell us more about you. When did you start your musical career? Did you make your debut with HYBRIDS?
Sure I can. Lot of teenagers wants to become a rock star, to be in a band. So I went to a musical school where I learnt to sing. Since this, I always try to find a band or to create one with friends but it’s really hard. If you really want to become famous, you have to involve yourself in the project but when you are a teenager, you do have the time, but not the money to buy enough good equipment by himself. So like I said earlier, I started to leave my teenage dream and to become a good student. Then, I found HYBRIDS: a young band with a great potential. That was at this moment which I said “I have to try or I’ll regret it” because to live with regrets, it’s really hard. So this is when all started for me.

6. What artist or band did leave a mark on you? Who influenced you mostly?
First, the GazettE and of course, Ruki, left something in me. Because they are the first J-band that I really listened to. Lot of thing influenced me. I try to listen to everything in a music, both guitar parts, the bass part and the drum part too. In every music, I think there is an idea to extract.


7. HYBRIDS disbanded around May–June. What are you focusing on at the moment? Perhaps, a solo musical project? If so, what could you tell us about your project?
At this moment, I focus on a new project. I wanna go to Japan and become an artist there as graphic designer, fashion designer or musician, to keep being in this Japan world.

8. Which was the funniest thing that happened to you during your live concerts?
Mh… Konero banged his head on the scene !!

9. What inspires you in writing your lyrics?
Everything, religion, politics, human being, stories, … all can be an inspiration!

10 .There appeared a lot of visual kei bands lately. In your opinion, which band could be called “the visual kei band of the moment”? Or do you prefer the “kote kei” type of band ?

In my opinion, the GazettE will stay the best, even if they is some other bands really cool

11.Nowadays fangirls enjoy a lot the fan service. Have you done before fan service? And what is your point of view concerning the fan service?
Yes, I have already done before. I think fan service makes the artist closer to his fans to prove that he is a human being too! But some fans are really weird and think that now we talk together, we are friends right now… I think in every relationship, before being that close, you have to talk many times with the other people, to have the same hobbies or interests (music, sports, etc) and then you can expect a friendship.

12.Which are your goals for the future?
It must be a kind of idealist but everyone tries to reach the happiness by many successes in their life. Find “the” one, have children, earn lot of money, … For my part, I would like to make my dreams come true and I want to know my friends in good health. And I think that we don’t need a reason to help someone without expecting anything. So I would like to help people as much as I can.

13. What surprises are you preparing for your fans?
Well… it’s a surprise so I won’t tell you.

14. What do you want the fans to feel when they are listening to your music? What do you want to transmit through your music?
When they are listening to my music, I want them to feel good in every part of their bodies. I create my music to escape to this world. Through my music, I try to transmit them how I feel about the world.

15. What‘s your message for your fans and for Ajia no Tengoku?
First, I want to thank you for the interview. I also want to thank everyone to listen to Ajia no Tengoku and my interview. Maybe I’ll be on a kind of “stand by”, but I’m still working on my project so wait for me, keep supporting me! And by the way, Yune (ex-guitar from HYBRIDS) is realizing a new album so stay tuned! Thank you all again.

*Our thanks goes to Nao for collaborating with us and for the pleasure to inteview him*


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