1.Ant1nett was founded in May 2010. Have you been active before in another bands?

In the year 2000, I made my major debut with  band Sanbika, when I was only a teenager.
Working with Pony Canyon, a record label, I went tours throughout Japan, including Shibuya Kokaido.
After that, leaving Japan in 2004 at last, I performed in a band, RUNA, mainly in Asia.
Ant1nett is a general term of the project, rather than a band, to advance into Europe America, which is the final goal of our musical activity.

2.What meaning has the name of your band? What actually means Ant1nett?

I believe you know Marie Antoinette, as a queen of tragedy of the French Revolution.
While the nobles in the Palace of Versailles were having  luxuriant lives, the ordinary citizens who had troubles even in getting a bread, took the weapons and started the revolution.
The theme of Ant1nett is the crazy elegancce… and, revolution.
It can’t be explained that right in words… I think it ‘d  be easier  if you’d think of those themes when you listen to my  music.

3.You guys stated “ We don’t wanna be no. 1 . We wanna be only 1”. Many bands want to be no.1 . Why is it you want “ to be only 1”?

Speaking of no.1 in the world, I can think of Michael Jackson etc…
Being realistic, if an Asian became a no.1, the music scene would go out of fashion.
As you know, both of tennis and table teniss were born in UK.
However, it is difficult to say that table tennis of which a Chinese is the king is a global sport, isn’t it?
Global movements won’t happen without Europeans being the leaders. The reason is in the history.
Then, we’ll aime to be only 1!
Being a foreigner might bring more advantages as to becoming only 1.
Becoming no.1 of music scene is not my dream or anything. My dream is to create an independent country.

4.How did you meet your band mates ? Did you know each other since a long time or did you meet each other accidentally?

MOKKO Lee, our band leader on bass, and I have known each other since he played the bass  for me in our session band, RUNA, as a guest player at a live event called Neo Visual Shock in 2003… To feel rather creepy, our relationship has continued since that time .
„RUNA” was a kind of pastime session band, different from Sanbika, so I welcomed even a crazy part-time worker in a rehearsal studio who felt like playing.
The crazy guy was him, obviously. In those days, it never occurred to me that RUNA would make me known abroad.

MISAKI Sakura, who is now practicing guitar synthesizer, was a vocalist of the band Oiran, which performed at that live event, Neo Visual Shock, too.
We’ve been good friends since that time and in this summer, we met again at the live venue of Neo Visual Shock( the organizer being myself ), where a band called Kiryu. Our common friend  is part of that band that performed.
He had to give up the vocal but he wants  to become  successful in the world as a guitarist.
It was the last chance for me  to found  a band with members with whom I agree well . There was no other way  due to the internal affairs.
Depending on the condition, it’s not impossible for us three to go a world tour next year.

However, we must not forget KOUICHI Yasuda, a guitarist that  now is fighting against cancer.
I didn’t know that the legend, who was playing the guitar in the band Laputa, and the one who I admired since my  childhood and I looked up to , is such an  interesting guy until these days.
To tell the truth,  we’re aming to go on a tour around the world with the 5 :Vocal, Guitar, Guitar Syn, Bass and Drums.
And now we’re recording the 2nd full Album and also the 3rd full album.

5.Your music is absolutely unique and has something mysterious about it. What inspires you to write? Do you have a special muse ?

Basically, I’m in charge with the song writing, composition, and arrangement.
i get the inspiration from my  life’s  sequences to say so  . I’d rather say I’m very talented and I have no muse.

6. From all your songs, the title “ Constantinople“ took my attention.
Is it related with the history? Is it related by chance to“ The fall of Constantinopole“ ?

That’s right. The tune was based on the girl who became a war orphan at „The Fall of Constantinople.”
By the way… I never studied music at all and majored in history at university.

7.In 2011-2012 you held the World Tour “Ant1nett in Wonderland”. You toured in USA, Mexico, Poland, Belarus , Russia , but also in Romania.
It made me curious and I really must to ask.
The majority of the bands that come to Bucharest would only go yo Bucharest since it’s the capital and there are more people than in any another cities.
Botosani is rather a smaller city. Why did you choose Botosani?

We can hold big concerts in the capitals of countries. Though that’s nice itself, but Ipersonally like small cities more.
As for myself, musical activity is no more than a process of establishing an independent country.
In a smaller city, I can  not only organize concerts , but also feel the local culture and the human relationships.
They bring me great inspirations to write my novel „No smoking hotel” these days.

8. Please tell us more about your music concept.

As I remarked above, the crazy elegance… and, revolution.
I hate it when our style it is compared with the one of another  Japanese bands ,because the basic concept is really different from theirs.

9. You seem to love a lot Pikachu. In fact also your stage name PiCa comes from Pikachu. Why Pikachu?

Rather than loving Pikachu… Pica, Sergei Von PiCa Don is The Best of Pikachu.
In Ant1nett, MASANORI „PiCa” Yabuki is my official stage name, and PiCa is actually my  nickname… I think fans spread PiCa and that’s the result of it.

10.Where did come your interest for the communism?

The goal of a capitalist society is the world of 1% of super-rich and 99% of poor slave workers.
For people of Europe, where a little sense of socialism still remains, though it may be difficult to understand that, Japanese, who live in capitalist society following the U.S, actually began to feel it.
Surprisingly, the amount of pension awards for Japanese is less than half of that of Greek.

It was already proved in 20th century that communism, which Marx proposed, was a mere idealistic theory.
The communism ,where power is integrated to center, as a result, produced vicious dictators like Stalin, Ceausescu etc, and the ideal was expelled to far away.

But if I was the president of a small country  , I  would stop the capitalism which is out of control and I ‘d create  a world where the people who work hard would be able to live happily.

11.Your influences are Marie Antoinette and Marc Changall. What do they represent for you ?

Marie Antoinette interests me as a symbol of the tragedy in the Revolution, as I noted above.
In that sense, Jeanne d’Arc may do… but already that kind of band exists, you know.

On Marc Chagall, there is something intriguing in that world of blue. What if melodies were on that mysterious human messages…
It’s our original hope to be said THAT is Ant1nett.
At any rate, I want to prove that my music is different from the other rock bands , nyan!

12.We heard you left Japan 8 years ago. Is it true or is it just a rumor?

As I mentioned above, I made his major debut as a band, Sanbika, right in about 2000.
As a  teenager I  had a big dream. That was to go out of Japan.
In those days when no Japanese achieved success in Europe, I had to stop all the activities .

In addition, it’s impossible to go on such a dangerous trip without money.
When I stopped my activity, I began to work eagerly as a ghostwriter and a composer for young female singers  those days.
It makes me grow more confident when comes  to  hit tunes I produced.
Even nowadays, though I’m not a ghostwriter anymore, I have some work as a composer.

But then, a chance of return to Japan came after 2011-2012 world tour. We welcomed our new guitarist and work hard on rehearsals.
However, the guitarist never learned even a single song and left the band, and at the same time  the business fell down.

For now, Ant1nett is a band and is also an individual project.
„Don’t want to let my songs be disgraced by others anymore,” so we were not recruiting a member.
In such time, we had a predestined meeting again with MISAKI Sakura, and now we began to motivate ourselves to concerts little by little.

13.At the Californian convention AM2, in June together with you also performed the rock band Kazha. What is your opinion about their style and performances?

Sorry, I don’t remember.

14. Which are your plans for the year 2016? Perhaps, a new tour or a coming release?

At the end of this year, we’re going to release the 2nd full album, „Kiss and Goodbye.”
Also, me is planning to finish PiCca writing novel „No smoking hotel” and, at the same time, release the 3rd full album, „No Smoking Hotel” in 2017.

Next year it’s 2016, if the condition allows, we’d like to go on a tour… anyway it’s after our new member learns to play the tunes well enough.

15.How did you feel being in Romania? Would you like to return to Romania someday?What would you like to transmit to your fans?

During the stay, I  had part of lots of things. I think  it was the best location to write a novel.
As previously mentioned, if the condition allows, I  would like return to Romania as early as next year.
However, that’s not me to decide.
PiCa is the best!!

*We thank you to Masanori san and to the entire band for the interview *



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